logo4 Evolution is progress—                          
progress is creativity.        


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  • Insulation leads to blindness.
  • As discussed elsewhere insulation is an essential element of evolution.

The insulation rule of evolution states that fauceirs tend to escape interactions with other fauceirs to make themselves invisible.

It is closely related to the visibility rule. While the visibility rule more general states what is visible and what is not the insulation rule of evolution describes a tendency of evolutionary progress.

Three aspects of that evolutionary tendency can be distinguished:

  1. Parasitism
  2. Levtence
  3. Decontexualization

All these tendencies have in common thet thei are triggered by selectional pressure.

Prerequisite for those degenerations to persist is not only insulation but also compensation by other fauceirs.


  1. The shrinking of human brain.
  2. bureaucracy
  3. monopolization
  4. autocracies and the manipulation of votes, voters corruption

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