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Aggregate Fauceir

An aggregate, also known as master, fauceir contains element (slave) fauceirs to exploit. In fact, every fauceir is an aggregate fauceir with each of its elements being aggregate fauceirs as well, so each fauceir contains an infinit number of slaves. The term aggregate or master fauceir describes the direction in which subjugation takes place. An aggregate has to dominate its elements if it does not it is cheated and pestered by those parasites and eventually dies.

By definition we know two aggregate that are not elements of other fauceirs. These ultimate fauceirs are the universe and God. The univers is thought to be the largest container possible which contains every structure we know, and God in many religious faiths controls everything. Both terms are to FT as indefinit is to mathematics with univers indefinit size and God indefinit dominance. However, there is some ambiguity to the term God because if we consider a faith as a fauceir, then the notion of God is clearly an element of this faith.

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