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Something about Fauceir Theory's history and myself

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The Fauceir Theory is around for about 30 years. I developed it mostly during hight school and my years at the Universities in Kharkov and Berlin. During the socialist time is was impossible to publish it as it substantially challenged the ruling ideology. And for all of you who have no idea how an autocratic socialist or fascist Germany worked, questioning and attacking the ruling ideology was treated as hight treason as it shook the ground by which all the state crimes were justified.

After the the iron curtain, the Berlin wall, came down, it was not a proper time to publish the theory either, too many social turbulences unsettled the trust into he future and first of all my little business had to be launched.

Then in about 2004 I made my first attempts to publish the theory, but all these attempts grew frustrating. I soon realized that the theory will never pass peer review. I learned though more pluralistic the present society is driven by ideology too which mainly is maintained by Universities that exert their censorship through peer review. Most frustrating was the fact that all but one of the editors and reviewers refused to discuss the issue. I similar observation is described by Lynn Margulis [Error: Wrong macro arguments: "228 page=\"30\"" for macro 'ref' (maybe wrong macro tag syntax?)] . Her first book was declined without any comment. Now I understand it is hard for well established University professors to accept a theory that shakes the ground on which their ivory towers were build.

The next attempt was mad about 3 years later when I tried to publish philosophical views that would open a discussion about the foundations of the theory, and a rational discussion, so my intention would open the eyes that finally would allow to accept the theory. But again, I failed. My papers were declined mostly without discussion. In some on-line discussions I was called troll and creationist and ousted.

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