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Fauceir's essential properties

This article is about the essential properties of a fauceir. Essential are thos properties that define the whole class. In this case, the essential properties of fauceirs are faund in all fauceirs in the universe.

Nested structure

The nested structure has two implications.

  1. All fauceirs consist of an infinite number of elements. As fauceir already is the most abstract term known so far all elements are fauceirs themselves and conclusively each of them another indefinite number of element fauceirs.
  1. All fauceirs are elements of other fauceirs.


  1. Those two points are mutually contingent on one another so they are in fact one property.
  2. In this theory there is no place for a God who has no master, and on the other hand in this theory does not exist an infinitisimal particle that cannot be further divided into elements.
  3. A nested structure of our universe ensures.


All fauceirs interact. By means of interaction fauceirs exert their basic functions transmission of information and control, and by means of those interactions they form new faueirs (slaves or masters)


  1. All that makes up a master fauceir is the plus of interactions among its slaves.
  2. All specific properties are defined by those interactions.

Evolution and Adaptation

Fauceirs adapt and evolve.


Fauceirs will never stay the same. They change behavior according their inherent pace.


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