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Analogy Phenomenon

In classical evolutionary theory analogous organs serve the same function but arose from a different evolutionary origin. In Fauceir Theory analogous fauceirs are defined accordingly. Rational For evolution to adapt ...

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Synonyms: Coated pit

Coated pits are concavities in the cell membrane rich in specific proteins and lipids. They play an important role in signal transduction and endocytosis.

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Homology Phenomenon

Etymology The term homology in evolutionary theory derives from the detection of homologous organs. Such organs in closely related species (taxa) share a common ancestor and therefore posses a similar ...

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Plasma Membrane

Synonyms: Cell Membrane

The plasma membrane in Eukaryotes separates the cell's cytoplasm from the surrounding extracellular environment. The plasma membrane is a lipid bilayer, a double sheet of phospholipids. Phospholipid are remarkable ...

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