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Adaptation Definition

Adaptation is a reversible process. Appearance and/or function are changed in respons to environmental changes. The aim is to improve survival, or (more generally spoken) function. If the process ...

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Aggregate Fauceir

Synonyms: Master Fauceir

An aggregate, also known as master, fauceir contains element (slave) fauceirs to exploit. In fact, every fauceir is an aggregate fauceir with each of its elements being aggregate fauceirs as ...

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Allopatry is an ecological and biogeological term that signifies that groups of organisms live in separate not overlapping geographical areas. For instance, two populations of the same species living on ...

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Analogy Phenomenon

In classical evolutionary theory analogous organs serve the same function but arose from a different evolutionary origin. In Fauceir Theory analogous fauceirs are defined accordingly. Rational For evolution to adapt ...

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Artificial Selection

Artificial selection as opposed to natural selection is a method used by breeders to allow only desired members of a species to reproduce.

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In fauceir terms Cognition is a psychological fauceir that links human perception to rational behavior. Needless to say that cognition as a fauceir has a whole bunch (in fact an ...

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Collapsed Anthill

Last summer I observed a bustling ant colony with an impressive anthill. This year at this place I found a hole filled with soft debris. The colony was gone, and ...

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Computer memory hierarchy

Evolutionary progress can be illustrated with computer memory. The computer memory is represented by Random-access memory modules. These chips turn into useful hierarchically controlled memory once the computer is turned ...

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The C-value is the amount of haploid DNA.

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Darwinian control

Synonyms: Selectional control; Evolutionary control

Darwinian control is a special case of fauceir control characterized by statistically defined outcome and an also statistical feedback that is carried out by inheritance. Darwinian control takes place mostly ...

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Decontextualization Rule of Evolution

The decontextualization rule of evolution states that while evolution advances regulatory units are driven apart by accumulation of intercalated processes. Decontextualization of classical Darwinian evolution puzzles evolutionary biologists Examples
  • The ...

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Devolution Definition

Synonyms: Backward Evolution

Devolution describes the oposite of evolution a process that leads to decreased complexity and adaptability. This process is typical of organisms that live in social compounds either with individuals of ...

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Element Fauceir

Synonyms: Slave Fauceir

Element fauceirs are the building blocks of an aggregate fauceir. The set of element fauceirs that belong to an aggregate fauceir define its structure, function, and behavior. The terms master ...

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Synonyms: Symbiogenesis

Endosymbiogenesis describes evolution as an accumulation of symbiotic mergers. The theory was initiated by Mereschkowski who correctly assumed that chloroblasts derive from Cyanobacteria and added by Wallin who came up ...

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Epigenetic landscape

Epigenetic landscape is a model introduced by Conrad Hal Waddington that tries to explain the development into different directions depending on environmental or epigenetic factors. The model is a 3D ...

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Evolutionary Distance

Evolutionary Distance is the difference in evolutionary levels. Evolutionary levels can only be measured if evolutionary progress is assumed, so the determination of evolutionary distance requires measurement of evolutionary progress ...

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Evolution Definition

Evolution is an automatic process in nature that improves adaptability and concomitantly leads to increasing complexity. This definition significantly differs from the one presently used in evolutionary biology, which is ...

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Demographic control

Synonyms: Demographic regulation

Demographic control is a fauceir that evolved with the advent of societies. It is a byproduct of social evolution. One of many social fauciers that are essential for society's ...

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Evolution of a societies life cycle

Synonyms: History

The evolution of societies life cycles is tightly connected with human history. In fact human history is the collection of various accounts of human societies rise and fall. As a ...

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Progress in evolution

Synonyms: Evolutionary progress; Evolution progress

Evolutionary progress describes magnitude and direction of evolution. Progress is measurable by level and pace. There is progress in evolution which is obvious to everyone who compares the simplicity of ...

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Evolvability describes the ability to evolve. There is lot of confusion about the definition which are rooted in two main unanswered questions.
  1. Which unit is considered to evolve?
  2. What is ...

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Fauceir death

Synonyms: Death of a fauceir

A fauceir's death is the end point of its life cycle. When death occurs not all the sub-fauceirs die too. On the contrary some of them may even flourish ...

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Fauceir's essential properties

Synonyms: Essential properties of fauceirs

This article is about the essential properties of a fauceir. Essential are thos properties that define the whole class. In this case, the essential properties of fauceirs are faund in ...

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Linguistic construct: "For my part, I ..."

From time to time, when I can afford the time to learn, to improve my English, I browse a little booklet called "Discussing in English". It lists phrases often used ...

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Genetic Accomodation

Synonyms: Accomodation, Genetic

Genetic accommodation is a concept of evolution introduced by Mary Jane West-Eberhard[1,2]. According to Braendle and Flatt[3], genetic accommodation is a generalization of the concept of genetic ...

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Genetic Assimilation

Synonyms: Assimilation, Genetic

Genetic Assimilation is an evolutionary concept developed by Conrad Hal Waddington. It is explains with Darwinian principles how acquired characters become inheritable. Probably because of his leftist political views his ...

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Genetic Drift

Synonyms: Genetic Sampling; Allelic Drift; Sewall Wright Effect

Genetic drift is the time dependent change of the allele frequency in a population due to random sampling.

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Hayek On Cultural Evolution

How F.A.v. Hayek described social evolution is shown in this video. Hayek can be considered kind of a Vordenker of fauceir theory. His view that social rules, evolve ...

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Hierarchy Of Social Rules

Synonyms: History of Social Rules, Social Rules

Social Rules are slave fauceirs of social groups specifically designed to keep control of group member's behavior. The hierarchy proposed on this page is based on evolutionary distance. Three ...

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Homology Phenomenon

Etymology The term homology in evolutionary theory derives from the detection of homologous organs. Such organs in closely related species (taxa) share a common ancestor and therefore posses a similar ...

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Independent evolution research

Marx' discovery that being determines consciousness holds true for evolutionary theory too. His famous quote is found here (Karl Marx/Friedrich Engels - Werke, (Karl) Dietz Verlag, Berlin. Band 13, 7 ...

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Independent researchers into evolution

Our thinking is limited by ideology. Ideology is made to subconsciously influence ideas. That, of course, holds true for whole frameworks of ideas, theories. Evolutionary theory makes no exception. Since ...

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Inequality Model

As on this page the fauceir model of inequality is described, inequality is a treated as a fauceir that evolved 10,000-60,000 years ago. Inequality evolved because societies that ...

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Insulation Rule of Evolution

Synonyms: Rule of Progressive Blinding; Rule of Progressive Inertness

Rule The process of evolutionary progress is characterized by an increased level of insulation. Rational Proof
  1. Each fauceir consists of an infinite number of element fauceirs.
  2. Each of these element ...

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Levels of Fauceir Change

Synonyms: Types of Fauceir Change

Three levels of change in fauceirs can be distinguished.
  1. Mutation.
  2. Adaptation.
  3. Evolution.
In any given fauceir the possibilities of mutations are abundant. Many of these are deleterious. Some of those ...

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Synonyms: Levtent, levtently

Levtent is an adjective that describes a fauceir that is reluctant to evolve and rather evades all control mechanisms that would force it to improve adaption. Levtent fauceirs are rather ...

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Liberty Rule of Evolution

Admittedly, to call this Liberty Rule is kind of anthropocentristic, so the name is chosen for rather historical reasons and for didactic purposes. During revolutions the call for freedom was ...

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Mary Jane West-Eberhard

Synonyms: West-Eberhard, Mary Jane

Mary Jane West-Eberhard is a theoretical biologist. She is author of the book "Developmental plasticity and evolution" in which she tackles the problem developmental adaptation to environmental conditions [1]. The ...

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Mass Extinction

Mass extiction is significant decline of a certain group of fauceirs over a relatively short period of time. Mass extinction has to be distinguished from normal death rates in connection ...

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Micro-macro relationships

In science when we often encounter processes of thought in which micro and macro relationships are distinguished and analyzed separately. Micro- and macroevolution as well as micro- and macroeconomics may ...

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Modularity is a concept introduced by Mary Jane West-Eberhard[1]. She correctly sensed patterns in evolution. All her patterns however stick to the old concept of morphological presentations. This point ...

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Natural Selection

In evolutionary theory natural selection is the only way to proceed adaptional changes. In fauceir theory natural selection is only one way to excert genetic adaptational control. It is the ...

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Neutral Evolution

Synonyms: Neutral Changes

Neutral evolution is a concept of evolution that considers changes to the genomic DNA as result of stochastical processes by contrast to adaptation, the usual concept. History The theory of ...

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Niche Construction

Niche Construction is an evolutionary process by which for a limited space and time an insulated evolutionary process exists.
Discussion This definition can only be understood under the assumption that ...

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Niche Construction - Its Frightening Implications

Niche construction is neatly outlined in a book [1]. In its preface the authors claim:
As our investigation proceeded, it appeared the ramifications of niche construction grew to frightening proportions ...

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Parapatry is a term from ecology or biogeography that describes the relationship between groups of organisms whose ranges are adjacent but not significantly overlapping. Two plant species are parapatric if ...

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Patricity is a newly created term that describes the degree by which the ranges of two sets of organisms overlap. Patricity embraces the terms allopatry, peripatry, parapatry, and sympatry that ...

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Peripatry is a term from ecology and biogeography that describes the relationship between groups of organisms whose ranges are adjacent but not overlapping. For instance, two plants are peripatric if ...

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Phenotypic Plasticity

By phenotypic plasticity we understand the range of variation a phenotype can asume at a given genotype. Phenotypic plasticity embraces phenotypic changes that are influenced by environmental factors not by ...

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Reply to David Sloan Wilson's Post at Social Evolution Forum

This reply is to David Sloan Wilson's blog entry 'Human Cultures are Primarily Adaptive at the Group Level'. Below I will make remarks to some quotes from the text ...

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Categories: Evolutionary Biology Sociology

Reproductive Isolation

Synonyms: Isolation, reproductive

Reproductive isolation is a term from classical evolutionary theory that describes groups of organisms within a population that show group specific mating preferences, so so individuals more likely find a ...

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We call revolution a fundamental evolutionary novelty in any kind of social evolution processes.

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Rule Of Dwindling Importance

The rule of dwindling mutual importance with increasing evolutionary distance states that the greater the evolutionary distance between master and slave fauceirs the more negligible its mutual impact. Rational The ...

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Selection of Polygenetic Traits

Synonyms: Polygenetic Selection

Polygenetic selection describes the changes in a gene pool in response to adaptation of a polygenetic trait. Prerequisite Let us assume we consider a polygenetic trait that is determined by ...

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Evolutionary Sociology

Synonyms: Social Evolution; Social Darwinism

Definition Social evolution is the evolution of social fauceirs. Social evolution is not different from history. In fact social evolution includes history. History is studying social evolution in a restricted ...

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Story Of Enslavement

The Story of Your Enslavement is the title of an YouTube video. published by http://www.freedomainradio.com. On this page, I'm going to discuss the issues raised by ...

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Sympatry, is a term from ecology and biogeography that constitutes the same or significantly overlapping distributions of different sets of organisms. We call two species sympatric if they inhabit the ...

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Symsagittifera roscoffensis

Teased by Lynn Margulis' book Symbiotic Planet[1:9], I visited Roscoff this summer to see the the flatworm Symsagittifera roscoffensis, formerly Convoluta roscoffensis and take some photos and videos ...

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Synonyms: Transposable Elements; Mobile DNA; Selfish DNA; Junk DNA; Jumping Genes

Definition Transposons are DNA fragments that are capable of moving from one place to an other of a cells genome. Frequency The frequency of transposable elements in different genomes is ...

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Vordenker - Mastermind

Synonyms: Mastermind - Vordenker

I'm a great admirer of the English language. While learning it, I always detect new words and expressions. That is new words not in the sense I have not ...

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Waddington Experiment

Conrad Hal Waddington performed several experiments to provide evidence in support of genetic assimilation, a Darwinian concept to explain inheritance of acquired characters. The one described by Jonathan M W ...

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Wallace Effect

Synonyms: Reinforcement

Wallace Effect is a honorific term that relates reinforcement to Alfred Russel Wallace, the co-inventor—if not the original creator himself—of the theory of evolution by natural selection. The ...

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