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Size Rule of Evolution

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  1. Every fauceir is exposed to interactions.
  2. If such an interaction does not destroy a fauceir,
  3. each of these interaction adds additional fauceirs to the complex which makes them grow.


  • Fauceirs tend to grow in size with fauceirs that show a similar pattern of insulation as other fauceirs would increase the probability of destruction.


  • Physics: Black holes are attracting ever more masses.
  • Physics: Nuclear fusion going on in the sun, and even the evolution of elements that contain larger nuclei.
  • Chemistry: Growth of crystals in a saturated saline solution.
  • Biology: Growth of a population, for instance the number of bacteria in a Petri dish if there is enough food supply and no competition.
  • Biology: Increasing genome, for instance the number of nucleotides, genes, or transcripts.
  • Biology: Evolution of large species: insects, reptiles (dinosaurs), and mammals which follows Cope's Rule.
  • Economy: extensive reproduction.
  • Economy: monopolization.
  • Sociology (politics): Evolution of empires.
  • Sociology (demographics): Growing populations in cities, countries and on earth. Maybe sometimes on other planets and even in the whole universe.

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