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Fauceirs and quantum physics

The dualism embraced by fauceir theory between a control and information is mirrored in quantum physics by the dualism of matter and force. Einstein's famous formula

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reflects how these states are mutually interchangeable. Mass and energy are just instances of fauceir control and information.

Force complies with the elementary fauceir definition of information, it is a measure of interaction between other fauceirs, and to be true since Newton we measure force by its interaction. That is by its capability to accelerate a given mass.

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Mass on the other hand complies with the elementary fauceir definition of control, it is sum of element fauceirs held together by forces, interactions, between them.

The fauceir perspective now would allow to interpret force, such as gravity, as a sum of controls that interact. If understand that way it is fully plausible that may change one into the other and that there might exist abstract objects, which we call dark matter at the moment, where the differences between them is so blurred that we cannot discern one or the other.

This is fully compatible with the fauceir rule of separation: Sometime in evolutionary history of our Universe there happed a separation of force and matter, the interaction of which allowed the all the other fauceirs we know to evolve.

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Main claims of Fauceir Theory

The main claims of fauceir theory

  1. Every existing object can be interpreted as a fauceir.
  2. Every fauceir can be interpreted as a container of an infinite number of fauceirs elements
  3. Every fauceirs has inherited properties defined by its element fauceirs
  4. All fauceirs evolve

It has to be said however that object is a term not abstract enough to comprise all fauceirs. fauceirs are far more that real objects. By that token fauceirs include all relationships between objects, sometimes referred to as information, with time the most elementary fauceir we know so far.

The rules of fauceir theory are so abstract that they can be applied to all science we know from quantum mechanics, all the way through chemistry and biology up to humanities, and probably even beyond these borders. That is this theory allows theoretical predictions beyond the Standard Model of particle physics, which we use to call dark matter or dark energy as we don't see it and we don't know more about it, and the force that drives our social life, called God by some people as we don't see it and we don't know more about it.

Such sweeping claims challenge almost everyones world view. As with all new theories that entail shifts in the general perception of the world, the find their adversaries, so it is not surprise that a landslide-like theory has lots of them. And adversaries can be found on both sides. Naturalists have claimed this theory is Creationism and on the other hand Creationists feel uncomfortable with it because it explains an evolution far from what is told in the bible.

As this website evolves I intend to come up with ever more examples to underpin the claims made on this page.


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