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Fauceir's Environment

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Synonyms: Environment of a Fauceir

A fauceir's environment is the sum of all neighboring fauceirs capable to exchange information or exert some type of control. This includes master as well as slave fauceirs.

The function of an environment is to provide incentives for a fauceirs adaptation.

This perspective allows two conclusions:

  1. A fauceir adapts to meet the requirements of both internal, element, or slave fauceirs and external, aggregate, or master fauceirs.
  2. As the environment consists of fauceirs themselves, it is not constant but subject to adaptation and evolution too.
  3. Finally, adaptation is a bidirectional process. The fauceir adapts as well as its environment. The adaptation of the environment is called niche construction if the external environment is changed, and enforced enslavement if the internal environment is changed.

The relationship between any given fauceir (F) and its internal (I) and external (E) environment is depicted in the two graphics below. The bluish arrows signify the direction of influences that enforce niche construction and the greenish arrows signify the opposite efect exerted on element fauceirs, enforced enslavement.

The first picture illustrates the fauceir's (F) self-centered,"egoistic", perspective.

A fauceir influence on its environment

The second picture illustrates the same situation, but the fauceir (F) observed from somewhere at the outsite.

A fauceir influenced by its environment


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