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Fauceir Rules

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Every fauceir follows a set of logical rules.

Rules can be distinguished in empirical rules and logical rules. In an ideal case rules are logical and empirically supported. Empirical rules are mere observations that still wait for a plausible logical explanation.

The most prominent logical rules are as follows:

  1. Time Limit Rule
  2. Invisibility Rule
  3. Visibility Rule
  4. Rule Of Dwindling Importance
  5. Insulation Rule of Evolution
  6. Imprecision
  7. Rule of Growth
  8. Rule of Disparity
  9. Mutual Dependence Rule
  10. Delegation Rule
  11. Decontextualization Rule of Evolution
  12. Cheater Rule
  13. Property/Behavior Rule
  14. Rule of an Inherent Tendency to Enforce Enslavement
  15. Recapitulation Rule

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