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Evolution Fauceir

The term Evolution has undergone an evolution itself. From a term that describes speciation, natural selection, and adaptation, evolution diverged into a term dscribing a mere genetic variation overtime to a term that describes all kinds of progressive change in the stellar system, society, economy, science, technology and so on.

The term Fauceir Evolution is rather associated with the latter broader meaning, and in more general terms evolution is applied to evolution itself.


Fauceir evolution is a fauceir to which all the fauceir rules can be applied. Specific to evolution is its trajectory along which evolution proceeds. At every moment is space and time evolution can be described as a direction vector.


Fauceir evolution applies the rules of the classical evolutionary theory to a more abstract entity, the fauceir which leads to some redefinition of generalized terms of the classical evolutionary theory.

Fauceir EvolutionClasical Evolution
Unlimited Creation RuleVariation
Insulation RuleNatural Selection
scalar valueSelection pressure

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