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Abstraction is method and result of a cognitive action that results in a new entity with a reduced number of properties to describe a real existing object. An abstraction itself ...

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Average Association

Synonyms: Kaninchenzüchterverein

In German language there exists a term 'Kaninchenzüchterverein' that literally means an association of rabbit breeders, but in philosophical and political context this term is used as reference to an ...

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Blindness rule

Synonyms: Rule of blindness; Dark matter rule

Rule of Blindness is a special case and an antonym to the visibility rule. It is also called the rule of dark matter as sheer existence and invisibility is explicable ...

Tags: Rules Theory

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Darwinian control

Synonyms: Selectional control; Evolutionary control

Darwinian control is a special case of fauceir control characterized by statistically defined outcome and an also statistical feedback that is carried out by inheritance. Darwinian control takes place mostly ...

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Deductive reasoning

Synonyms: Deduction

Deductive reasoning is arriving at a specific statement by logical conclusions from a more general statement. If the logic is not fallacious the conclusion is necessarily always true. The problem ...

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Demarcation problem

Demarcation problem is an epistemological problem it exists as such since the time when rational thinking began. It is the problem to distinguish between science and pseudoscience, rational and irrational ...

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Dependence rule

Synonyms: Rule of mutual influence

The Dependence rule is a special case and antonym to the rule of visibility. It states that there is no independent observer. A fauceir can be observer ie. is visible ...

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Synonyms: Accumulation of Knowledge, Development of understanding

Epistemology is a branch of philosophy that studies how knowledge is accumulated. The accumulation of knowledge is explained as a fauceir evolution process, what a surprise :-). Fist we consider some ...

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Evolution Definition

Evolution is an automatic process in nature that improves adaptability and concomitantly leads to increasing complexity. This definition significantly differs from the one presently used in evolutionary biology, which is ...

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Nihilism and Fauceir Theory

There is a philosophical tenet around that not only strictly denies teleology but even denies all kinds of meaning in nature an thinking. That's nihilism. Some authors claim Darwin ...

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Main claims of Fauceir Theory

The main claims of fauceir theory
  1. Every existing object can be interpreted as a fauceir.
  2. Every fauceir can be interpreted as a container of an infinite number of fauceirs elements ...

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A filter is a subclass of a model that intentionally and not accidentally, blinds out some aspects of the reality. Filters are models designed to reduce complexity and to make ...

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Generalization is method and result of a cognitive process that creates an epistemological fauceir that succinctly describes all possible states of a set of entities. Examples Often generalizations are used ...

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Herbert Spencer

Herbert Spencer (27/04/1820-08/12/1903) developed a theory of social evolution. His theory includes a definition of progress, and embraces the whole natural world beginning with the origination ...

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Independent evolution research

Marx' discovery that being determines consciousness holds true for evolutionary theory too. His famous quote is found here (Karl Marx/Friedrich Engels - Werke, (Karl) Dietz Verlag, Berlin. Band 13, 7 ...

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Independent researchers into evolution

Our thinking is limited by ideology. Ideology is made to subconsciously influence ideas. That, of course, holds true for whole frameworks of ideas, theories. Evolutionary theory makes no exception. Since ...

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Inductive reasoning

Synonyms: Induction

Inductive reasoning is drawing conclusions from a limited number of examples or experiences. Inductive reasoning is related to
  • generalization, the development o rules based on observations, and
  • analogy, expecting the ...

Tags: Ideology

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Fauceir inheritance

Synonyms: Inheritance;Heritage

The concept of fauceir inheritance embraces both inheritance and heritage. It is the content of slave fauceirs that provides a memory for information which helps new fauceirs to develop. Inheritance ...

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Synonyms: Levtent, levtently

Levtent is an adjective that describes a fauceir that is reluctant to evolve and rather evades all control mechanisms that would force it to improve adaption. Levtent fauceirs are rather ...

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Malthus Paradox

Thomas Robert Malthus in his Essay on the Principle of Population stated that populations growth will lead to famine and populations will decline[1]. Some scientists even predict a next ...

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Memes constitute special class of social fauceirs that evolved predominantly to control either human individuals or groups of individuals. Though communication in social compounds is a prerequisite of the evolution ...

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Synonyms: Scientific Model

A model is a representation of the objectively existing reality. By that token, a model is not the reality itself but only a mirror image. That definition of a model ...

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A myth is an ideological construct that falsely mirrors real conditions, but is fervently defended by all that profits from it. Action Most often a myth acts subconsciously on a ...

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Philosophical reductionism and fauceir theory

The genus–differentia definition offered by many dictionaries characterizes reductionism as a philosophical position that asserts that complex structures and functions can simply be described by the properties and laws ...

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Categories: Epistemology Philosophy

Society's life cycle

Synonyms: Life cycle society

As all fauceirs have a limited life span, this is true for societies a subset of social fauceirs too, of course. The life span of societies may vary from a ...

Tags: Anthropology Society Sociology Theory

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Surrogate parameter

Synonyms: Proxy parameter

The term surrogate parameter is common in medical literature while proxy parameter or simply proxy is often used in social science. Both terms mean virtually the same. An easily measurable ...

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Term System

As Fauceir is the term that covers system and information we may define system by a genus–differentia definition: System is a fauceir in which system properties significantly dominate so ...

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Synonyms: Scientific theory

A scientific theory is a specific subset of a scientific model. A theory consist of a framework of causally interrelated rational claims that can be described by secondary models, mathematically ...

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Universe serves as root of our cladogram of fauceirs. Our universe is the largest container that holds all the fauceirs we know so far. We don't know about fauceirs ...

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Violence describes a fauceir control that causes unpleasant feelings in an individual. It is subjective as the same type of control might be felt differently in various environment or by ...

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Visibility rule

Synonyms: Rule of visibility

Visibility Rule states that other fauceirs are visible to a certain fauceir if and only if both can interact. And interaction usually requires common sub-fauceirs. Visibility can be described qualitatively ...

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War as a social fauceir

This is actually a comment on comments made on this web page. Probably it is a good idea to read this page first although I quoted the most interesting points ...

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Why fauceirs not memes?

Meme is an evolutionary unit devised by Richard Dawkins to explain social evolution in a fashion similar to genes[1]. When I first learned about memes, the fauceir concept was ...

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