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Adaptation Definition

Adaptation is a reversible process. Appearance and/or function are changed in respons to environmental changes. The aim is to improve survival, or (more generally spoken) function. If the process ...

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Alfred Russel Wallace

Synonyms: Wallace, Alfred Russel

Alfred Russel Wallace (08/01/1823-07/11/1913) was Darwin's contemporary who independently proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection. Most of his work is downloadable from Gutenberg ...

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Physical attractiveness

Synonyms: good looks

Physical attractiveness is the sum of all features that make an individual a desirable object to mate with. Thus attractiveness is not limited to humans as in the wiki page ...

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Control is a fundamental term of Fauceir Theory. Control is an elementary process defined as any change in outcome of an other process that is different from a mere random ...

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The C-value is the amount of haploid DNA.

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C-Value Paradox

The C-value paradox refers to the discrepancy between an organisms complexity and the amount of DNA (C-Value). For instance, salamanders and lungfishes have the largest genomes of
120pg, while the ...

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Darwinian control

Synonyms: Selectional control; Evolutionary control

Darwinian control is a special case of fauceir control characterized by statistically defined outcome and an also statistical feedback that is carried out by inheritance. Darwinian control takes place mostly ...

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Devolution Definition

Synonyms: Backward Evolution

Devolution describes the oposite of evolution a process that leads to decreased complexity and adaptability. This process is typical of organisms that live in social compounds either with individuals of ...

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Element Fauceir

Synonyms: Slave Fauceir

Element fauceirs are the building blocks of an aggregate fauceir. The set of element fauceirs that belong to an aggregate fauceir define its structure, function, and behavior. The terms master ...

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Evolution Definition

Evolution is an automatic process in nature that improves adaptability and concomitantly leads to increasing complexity. This definition significantly differs from the one presently used in evolutionary biology, which is ...

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Evolution Fauceir

The term Evolution has undergone an evolution itself. From a term that describes speciation, natural selection, and adaptation, evolution diverged into a term dscribing a mere genetic variation overtime to ...

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Progress in evolution

Synonyms: Evolutionary progress; Evolution progress

Evolutionary progress describes magnitude and direction of evolution. Progress is measurable by level and pace. There is progress in evolution which is obvious to everyone who compares the simplicity of ...

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Fauceir death

Synonyms: Death of a fauceir

A fauceir's death is the end point of its life cycle. When death occurs not all the sub-fauceirs die too. On the contrary some of them may even flourish ...

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Fauceir Definition

Fauceir is an acronym of functional abstract unit controlling evolutionary information recovery. It was necessary to define this term to describe process and ...

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Fauceir's essential properties

Synonyms: Essential properties of fauceirs

This article is about the essential properties of a fauceir. Essential are thos properties that define the whole class. In this case, the essential properties of fauceirs are faund in ...

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Fauceir inheritance

Synonyms: Inheritance

The concept of fauceir inheritance is different from heritage.
Inheritance is a fauceir whose slave fauceirs push the development of a fauceir in a defined direction. The direction is defined ...

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Fertility Paradox

The fertility paradox states that with increasing level of evolution the number of offspring decreases. The classical evolutionary theory claims the survival of the fittest and the fittest be defined ...

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Genomic Disorders

Genomic Disorder is a term coined by Lupski and Stankiewicz to contrast mere nucleotide substitutions and small size deletions insertions and duplications with large genomic rearrangements that affect a greater ...

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Size rule of evolution

Synonyms: Rule of Growth

The size rule of evolution states that a fauceir if not restricted otherwise growths in size with evolution. Examples
  • Physics: Nuclear fusion going on in the sun, and even the ...

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Synonyms: Rule of Cheaters

Parasitism among fauceirs evolves naturally at all levels of evolution. The term parasitism can not be used disinterestedly and dispassionately. What is considered parasitic from a view point of a ...

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Reply to David Sloan Wilson's Post at Social Evolution Forum

This reply is to David Sloan Wilson's blog entry 'Human Cultures are Primarily Adaptive at the Group Level'. Below I will make remarks to some quotes from the text ...

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Ring Species

Ring species is a term introduced by Arthur Cain when elaborating on speciation [1]. Ring species consist of overlapping populations with only subtle differences. The traits change continuously, so that ...

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Rule of diffluence

Rule of diffluence states that during evolution a diversification takes place. As a result, fauceirs at several stages of evolutions coexist and begin to cooperate. The rule of diffluence does ...

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Too-big-to-survive rule

Synonyms: Rule too-big-to-succeed

The rule states that a fauceir tends to fail if it grows too big. This rule is contrary to the widely held and ideologically enforced too-big-to-fail myth. Examples
  • Physics: Large ...

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Speciation is the generation of a new species by evolution. It is generally assumed that speciation is the result of isolation as observed by Darwin and Wallace on separate islands ...

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Umbrella Theory of Evolution

In the evolutionary literature the term "umbrella theory" can be found. There is no clear definition of that term. When googling the term different meanings not associated with evolutionary theory ...

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