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Blindness rule

Synonyms: Rule of blindness; Dark matter rule

Rule of Blindness is a special case and an antonym to the visibility rule. It is also called the rule of dark matter as sheer existence and invisibility is explicable ...

Tags: Rules Theory

Categories: Philosophy Systems Theory

Dependence rule

Synonyms: Rule of mutual influence

The Dependence rule is a special case and antonym to the rule of visibility. It states that there is no independent observer. A fauceir can be observer ie. is visible ...

Tags: Rules Theory

Categories: Philosophy Physics Psychology Systems Theory


Memes constitute special class of social fauceirs that evolved predominantly to control either human individuals or groups of individuals. Though communication in social compounds is a prerequisite of the evolution ...

Tags: Meme Theory

Categories: Philosophy Sociology Systems Theory

Set Operations

This page demonstrates fundamental set operatons and the corresponding Venn diagramms as reference. The resulting set is shown in red. Union
def set_figure(fig):    
   from matplotlib_venn import venn2

   ax=fig ...


Categories: Mathematics Systems Theory


According to classical systems theory a signal is function of time that carries information[1]. In fauceir terms this needs to be re-defined as not only information gets a broader ...

Tags: Information System Theory

Categories: Systems Theory

Umbrella Theory of Evolution

In the evolutionary literature the term "umbrella theory" can be found. There is no clear definition of that term. When googling the term different meanings not associated with evolutionary theory ...

Tags: Theory

Categories: Evolutionary Biology Systems Theory

Visibility rule

Synonyms: Rule of visibility

Visibility Rule states that other fauceirs are visible to a certain fauceir if and only if both can interact. And interaction usually requires common sub-fauceirs. Visibility can be described qualitatively ...

Tags: Rules Theory

Categories: Philosophy Systems Theory

War as a social fauceir

This is actually a comment on comments made on this web page. Probably it is a good idea to read this page first although I quoted the most interesting points ...

Tags: Control Information Psychology Society System Theory

Categories: Philosophy Sociology Systems Theory


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