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Malthus Paradox

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Thomas Robert Malthus in his Essay on the Principle of Population stated that populations growth will lead to famine and populations will decline[1]. Some scientists even predict a next mass extinction involving humans[2].

Anonther such doomsday scenario stems from the Club of Rome[3]. As in 1972 Meadows' book became quite popular, although the predictions did not fulfill, the Club of Rome tried a come back 30 years later with Limits to Growth reloaded[4]. In 2012 another decade later and GDP still on the rise worldwide and Meadows probably retired, the Club of Rome did not feel ashamed enough to issue a further forecast[5].

All this did not happen (yet) which I call the Malthus Paradox. Of course Malthus was a serious scientist and he was correct. But what he did not take into account is that other fauceirs were killed with increasing rate instead of humans, and human propagation is not checked by famine but by societies themselves controlled the growth of their population, birth control etc.

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