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Average Association

Synonyms: Kaninchenzüchterverein

In German language there exists a term 'Kaninchenzüchterverein' that literally means an association of rabbit breeders, but in philosophical and political context this term is used as reference to an ...

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Comment on Rampages

This is actually a comment on three posts at the Social Evolution Forum on rampages interpreted as early signs of social unrest. Firstly, By demonstrating a tenfold increase in shooting ...

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Synonyms: Men Eating, Anthropophagy

Cannibalism is the use of other human body parts for nutrition, to meet, so to say, the need of of essential nutrients and energy supply.

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Synonyms: blocked rational thinking

Denkhemmung is a German word. It is not used in German language either. I invented it to describe a phenomenon that people are unaware of the obvious but invent irrational ...

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Dignity Rule

The Dignity rule is a rule of social evolution. It states that the more advanced a human society the more the dignity of its members, us humans, is respected. This ...

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Evolution of a societies life cycle

Synonyms: History

The evolution of societies life cycles is tightly connected with human history. In fact human history is the collection of various accounts of human societies rise and fall. As a ...

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Friedrich August von Hayek

Friedrich August von Hayek (1899-1992) is an Austrian economist. His contribution to fauceir theory is twofold.
  1. He wholeheartedly supported liberalism and by developing arguments he discovered that liberty and freedom ...

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Hayek On Cultural Evolution

How F.A.v. Hayek described social evolution is shown in this video. Hayek can be considered kind of a Vordenker of fauceir theory. His view that social rules, evolve ...

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An anarchist's definition of a state goes as follows.
Briefly, the State is that organization in society which attempts to maintain a monopoly of the use of force and ...

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Ideology is a set of rules that force human thinking in a direction that ensures best enslavement. In other words and more sarcastically, ideology can be defined as a set ...

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Malthus Paradox

Thomas Robert Malthus in his Essay on the Principle of Population stated that populations growth will lead to famine and populations will decline[1]. Some scientists even predict a next ...

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Too-big-to-fail Myth

Wikipedia explains the term too-big-to-fail economically only. By that definition the term describes a set of enterprises whose failure may be disastrous to the whole economy, so the state is ...

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Definition Psychopathy is a psychological condition of humans that are completely emotionless Remarks
  • Psychopathy is predominantly studies among criminals, serial killers in particular, but psychopaths exist with an increased frequency ...

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We call revolution a fundamental evolutionary novelty in any kind of social evolution processes.

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Robbers Cave Experiment

Robbers Cave Experiment is a psychological experiment on social groups carried out in 1954 by Muzafer Sherif [1]. 20 adolescent boys were driven to a state park, divided into 2 ...

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Social Revolution

Synonyms: Revolution, social

Social Revolution is the subset of revolutions that affect human societies, mostly larger groups of people such as nations.

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Synonyms: human society; social body

Society is the generic term in sociology. As only human societies are considered in sociology, human society is synonymous. A society is a group of people held together by at ...

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Society's life cycle

Synonyms: Life cycle society

As all fauceirs have a limited life span, this is true for societies a subset of social fauceirs too, of course. The life span of societies may vary from a ...

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Spinster Phenomenon

Spinster phenomenon is a behavior pattern among females that live in social compounds. When males are absent females take over the social roles of males. Rational Such a behavioral pattern ...

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Synonyms: Human Wealth

Wealth is a property of social fauceirs describing the amount of usable resources. People, families, companies, a group shareholders, nations, and even the whole human population can be wealthy. Wealth ...

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Why fauceirs not memes?

Meme is an evolutionary unit devised by Richard Dawkins to explain social evolution in a fashion similar to genes[1]. When I first learned about memes, the fauceir concept was ...

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