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Insulation Rule

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Rational Proof

  1. Each fauceir consists of an infinite number of element fauceirs.
  2. Each of these element fauceirs has the potential to interact with other existing fauceirs.
  3. If by chance and for a limited space of time a master fauceir is capable to limit the scope of environmental interactions of its elements the fauceir comes into existence for just that limited period of time.


  • There is an infinite number of new fauceirs created in any space of time. Only those fauceirs 'stay alive' for a limited period of time that manage to get inert to any destructive forces that try to interact.
  • Evolution is a stochastic process.
  • The insulation rule s just the generalization of the evolutionary process of variation, natural selection and adaptation.
  • As evolution itself is a fauceir. Some fauceirs tend to escape the force of evolutionary progress by niche construction.
  • As evolution itself is a fauceir it only exists a limited period of time, it exists in a multitude of directions, and the process themselves tend to insulate from each other.


It is closely related to the Visibility Rule. While the Visibility Rule describes a static parameter of evolution, the Insulation Rule illustrates the tendency of evolutionary progress.

Three aspects of that evolutionary tendency can be distinguished:

  1. Parasitism
  2. Levtence
  3. Decontexualization
  4. Niche Construction

All these tendencies have in common that they are triggered by selectional pressure.

Prerequisite for those degenerations to persist is not only insulation but also compensation by other fauceirs.


  1. The shrinking of human brain.
  2. bureaucracy
  3. monopolization
  4. autocracies and the manipulation of votes, voters corruption

Sewall Wright

Sewall Wright (1889-1988) was an American geneticist who introduced the Sewall Wright effect and hereby founded population genetics.

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