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Intelligence is the readiness of a human's brain to create cognitive fauceirs. This is compatible with the essence of intelligence tests that mainly test the capability to swiftly find solutions to problems by abstraction and generalization. But the fauceir definition extends the narrow dictionary definition to all kinds of cognitive fauceirs.
Solutions to problems may be found in different domains of cognitive function:

  1. visual/graphical
  2. verbal
  3. mathematical
  4. social
  5. emotional
  6. and some others.

There is lot of confusion about the term intelligence not only among laypeople but even among experts. The different concepts can be grouped as follows:

  1. Intelligences is considered as the amount of memory accumulated.
  2. Intelligence is considered as the sum of all capabilities to accumulate memory
  3. Intelligence is considered as the inheritable part of capabilities to accumulate memory
  4. Finally some scientists want to pinpoint intelligence as a specific constellation of alleles

The first is best tested in an exam that asks for the available knowledge whereas the last could be tested by molecular genetic methods if the genes defining intelligence were ever detected. For those in between different types of intelligent test have been developed. None appears satisfactory as all these tests fail to exactly predict the capability to perform in life.

Fauceir Memory

Fauceir memory, by contrast to Human memory is a general concept and describes the accumulation of stored information in all fauceirs.


Atom Structure

Electrons always find back to their proper electron shell.


Atoms tend to form the same type of chemical bonds or crystal structures.


The is the typical example of a large amount information stored in a template and amplified.

Protein molecules

Proteins find conglomerate mit other chemical compounds which are either hydrophobic or hydrophilic.


Would are found in the same context. One word demands other as in collocations.


After divorce humans seeks partners who are quite similar to the former one. You will always end up in the same marriage only with a different women.

Drug addiction or any other type of addiction is psychologies memory.

Behavioral imprinting.


Germans became powerful again after each war.

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Russians elected tsar after tsar as they were discontent with political leaders that did not behave like tsars (Gorbachev and Khrushchev)

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Human Memory

Human memory is the sum of all information (conscious or subconscious) stored in a persons brain. This information comes in fauceir packages, stories.

A person's memory is a growing pyramid. The foundation is laid by sensations made in early childhood or even in the womb. The growing child learns to handle these sensations in a more and more abstract way. The pyramid becomes higher and the slopes steeper.

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