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Society is the generic term in sociology. As only human societies are considered in sociology, human society is synonymous. A society is a group of people held together by at least one common rule.

In fauceir terms a society is a social fauceir whose elements are individuals and a system that controls their interaction.

It doesn't matter neither how many people a society contains, nor how many rules form the bond, nor the duration it exists.

The largest society is all people held together on this planet. All people on this planet share some common rules and values that are defined by the planet itself. For instance nobody can leave the planet for a long time. Some rules have evolved early in human social evolution, so they are shared by most people, for instance the law of trade and the rule that men eating is detestable.

The smallest society is a family of two. All the way down from the largest to the smallest, societies are formed by race, continent, country, income or property, personal interests and many many other rules. Some of these societies include one another or overlap. Each of these societies comes with a bundle of rules often also called values or culture.

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