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Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud (1856–1939) who defined psychoanalysis can also be considered a vordenker of fauceir theory. At least, he discovered two important feature among psychological fauceirs that are crucial to all fauceirs.

  1. Property inheritance. (Inheritance is not meant as inheritance from parents to children, but in the sense of inheritance of encapsulated psychological fauceirs in an evolving mind.)
  2. Enslavement. He called it repression, Verdrängung.

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It has to be criticized, however, that he focused inheritance and repression on sexual experiences only. But there is a myriad of fauceirs that show the same behavior, not all of them subconscious. Also consciously, stories, the units by which reality is memorized, are altered to fit a higher level fauceir, a theory for instance.

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Ring Species

Ring species is a term introduced by Arthur Cain when elaborating on speciation [Error: Wrong macro arguments: "2851" for macro 'ref' (maybe wrong macro tag syntax?)] . Ring species consist of overlapping populations with only subtle differences. The traits change continuously, so that the more geographically distant the more pronounced the differences. Only on both sides of a geographical barrier there are sharp differences between the populations' traits.

A ring species is illustrated by the picture below.
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The mountain ridge symbolizes a geographical barrier. But a geographical barrier can be any geographical obstacle to a species dissemination depending on a species capabilities to move, a river or a highway for instance.

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