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progress is creativity.        

Intelligence is Threatened

When we talk about intelligence on this page, intelligence is not understood as the sum of acquired knowledge, it is even not the intelligence quotient IQ. Intelligence is defined as a brain's capability to restructure its neuronal wiring. In fauceir terms to change, adapt, destroy, and rebuild internal, neuronal fauceirs. All human brains are capable of accomplishing that. Still human brains differ in memory and creativity, and we would call these differences differences in intelligence. Again from a brain's fauceir perspective, intelligence is equivalent to a brain's capacity to progress, to evolve.

Taking this definition of intelligence two kinds of threats for intelligent people can be distinguished.

  1. Threats from within the own body. The capability to change is something that causes instability from which health problems may ensue.
  2. Threats from the outside. Again the capability to reconsider ones own existence and to pose questions causes instability in an existing repressive system, which no doubt about that strived to eliminate those trouble makers.

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