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List of collective nouns

While searching the Internet to compose a list of collective nouns, I found that this work has been done already meticulously, so I better list the links only.

  1. Wikipedia's List of animal names has not only collective nouns but also special neouns for male, female and young animals.
  2. Wikipedia's List of collective nouns for birds has many references.
  3. Wikipedia's List of collective nouns is also well equipped with references.
  4. In this context, also this Wikipedia link might be useful, which explains the difference between fish shoal and school.

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A myth is an ideological construct that falsely mirrors real conditions, but is fervently defended by all that profits from it.


Most often a myth acts subconsciously on a human individuals behavior and also they are often taught subconsciously too. By infusing pseudo-rational ideas, myths are learned by untrue stories that kept in mind, even if known that untrue, still influence behavior and rational decision making.


Myths evolve from ancient fauceir that played an important role to control a society in the past. But because of its imprecision are no longer for a society's regulation. But as with all control mechanisms because of an inherent imprecision, they bear new opportunities for parasites to evolve. Those parasite fauceirs then provide an impediment to removal of outdated control mechanisms and as a consequence they actively produce sham-truths to support it.


  1. Exorcism is maintained because lot of clergymen and -women derive their justification of existence from the myth of the existence of a devil.
  2. Feminism provides many females better job opportunities and social reputation. Therefore a myth of male power is uphold [Error: Wrong macro arguments: "3241" for macro 'ref' (maybe wrong macro tag syntax?)] .
  3. Democracy was a great social invention and initiated lot of social progress when introduced after autocratic medieval rule, yet the opinion that democratic elections provides the best ever option to direct control on social evolution is a myth staunchly defended by those working in a governmentally supported institution [Error: Wrong macro arguments: "148" for macro 'ref' (maybe wrong macro tag syntax?)] .

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