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Comment on Rampages

This is actually a comment on three posts at the [[http://socialevolutionforum.com/2012/12/16/canaries-in-a-coal-mine-ii-we-too-are-asking-why/| Social Evolution Forum]] on rampages interpreted as early signs of social unrest. **Firstly**, By demonstrating a tenfold increase in …

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Synonyms: blocked rational thinking

Denkhemmung is a German word. It is not used in German language either. I invented it to describe a phenomenon that people are unaware of the obvious but invent irrational …

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Dignity Rule

The Dignity rule is a rule of [[../SocialEvolution|social evolution]]. It states that the more advanced a human society the more the dignity of its members, us humans, is respected. This …

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A filter is a subclass of a model that intentionally and not accidentally, blinds out some aspects of the reality. Filters are [[../Model|models]] designed to reduce complexity and to make …

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Independent researchers into evolution

Our thinking is limited by ideology. Ideology is made to subconsciously influence ideas. That, of course, holds true for whole frameworks of ideas, theories. Evolutionary theory makes no exception. Since …

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Influence of a Social Group

Human individuals are simultaneously members of several social groups. Those groups can have different agendas. Not only that each group has favorite goals, but also those goals can be contradictory. …

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Inductive reasoning

Synonyms: Induction

**Inductive reasoning** is drawing conclusions from a limited number of examples or experiences. Inductive reasoning is related to * **//generalization//**, the development o rules based on observations, and * **//analogy//**, …

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A **myth** is an ideological construct that falsely mirrors real conditions, but is fervently defended by all that profits from it. == Action == Most often a myth acts subconsciously …

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Niche Construction - Its Frightening Implications

**Niche construction** is neatly outlined in a book <>. In its preface the authors claim: <> As our investigation proceeded, it appeared the ramifications of niche construction grew to …

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Reply to David Sloan Wilson's Post at Social Evolution Forum

This reply is to [[http://socialevolutionforum.com/2012/10/02/david-sloan-wilson-human-cultures-are-primarily-adaptive-at-the-group-level|David Sloan Wilson's blog entry //'Human Cultures are Primarily Adaptive at the Group Level'//]]. Below I will make remarks to some quotes from the text. The …

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Violence describes a fauceir control that causes unpleasant feelings in an individual. It is subjective as the same type of control might be felt differently in various environment or by …

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Why fauceirs not memes?

Meme is an evolutionary unit devised by Richard Dawkins to explain social evolution in a fashion similar to genes<>. [[http://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/What-Defines-a-Meme.html|When I first learned about memes]], the fauceir concept was …

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