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Synonyms: Inertness; Emotionlesness


Blindness describes the condition of a fauceir that cannot communicate or being disturbed by an other fauceir.


  • Blindness is an essential element of each fauceir. If it were not existing fauceirs would be always disturbed by external interference.
  • Blindness is the key element of the Visibility/Invisibility Rule.
  • Blindness is the product of the Rule of progressive Blinding.


Two special cases can be distinguished:

  1. The fauceirs at a higher level of evolution are invisible to fauceirs at a lower level of evolution.
  2. Fauceirs that are not related are invisible to each other.

The first case is shown by the picture. The ruler symbolizes the scale of evolution with a higher level to the right and a lower level to the left. The arrow shows the actual position of thes fauceir under consideration. Given this level of evolution everything to the right is invisible while everything to the left is visible.

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This kind of visibility can also be interpreted as understandability as it includes the ability to adapt to changes. In term of our human mind we call such situation to understand.

It follows from this rule follows a highly important conclusion that higher evolved fauceirs, if they exist, would escape our understanding. To become explicable those fauceirs will receive an image in the realm of superstition.

A famous example is genetic drift that is the more prominent the more evolutionary progress is less connected with DNA changes. The highest degree is reached in humans who mostly evolve on the social level only. The rule renders genetic changes more invisible to more modern fauceirs.

The second case is depicted by an other figure. The branches show the inheritance among fauceirs as a tree of life. The blue and the red fauceirs are quite distant, so they show only few common fauceirs. Their interaction is quite unlikely.

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By this rule it becomes explicable why we cannot see or measure other than by gravity dark matter. It steams from an early ancestor of fauceir evolution with whom we only share gravity. From that stage on matter evolved into different directions and we now have no idea what is goung on in dark matter at all. It can be assumed however that complex fauceir structures evolved their too, but probably they will stay invisible for eve rat least with the fauceirs that currently exist.

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