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Abstraction Rule

Synonyms: Rule of Abstraction

== Rule The more a theory is abstract the more general and lasting its predictions but the less precise it is in its particulars. == Rational Proof # An abstraction …

Tags: Rules Theory

Categories: Epistemology Systems Theory

Analogy Rule

> Analogies are applicable among fauceirs if and only if the abstraction allows to neglect specifics. <
> == Rational Proof # As everything an analogy is but a fauceir …

Tags: Rules Theory

Categories: Epistemology Systems Theory


Synonyms: Inertness; Emotionlesness

== Definition Blindness describes the condition of a fauceir that cannot communicate or being disturbed by an other fauceir. == Rational * Blindness is an essential element of each fauceir. …

Tags: Theory

Categories: Philosophy Systems Theory

Ecological license

Synonyms: ecological vacancy

Ecological license is a term coined by German biologists Günther and Osche <> which is rarely used in international ecological literature. <
> Ecological license is the sum of …

Tags: Ecology Theory

Categories: Ecology Systems Theory

Evolution Fauceir

The term [[../EvolutionDefinition|Evolution]] has undergone an evolution itself. From a term that describes speciation, natural selection, and adaptation, evolution diverged into a term dscribing a mere genetic variation overtime to …

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Categories: Evolutionary Biology Philosophy Systems Theory

Fauceir Evolution Theory

**Fauceir evolution theory** describes mechanisms of evolution from fauceir perspective. The abstract mechanisms are applicable to all levels of evolution. Biological evolution as studied by Darwinism and it varieties is …

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Categories: Philosophy Systems Theory

Fauceir heritage

Synonyms: Heritage

The concept of fauceir heritage is different from [[../FauceirInheritance|inheritance]]. <
> Fauceir heritage is a fauceir whose slave fauceirs memorize the developmental trajectory of a master fauceir. <
> == Remarks …

Tags: Core theory EvoDevo Theory

Categories: History Systems Theory

Inheritance - Heritage

This article tackles the differences between fauceir [[../FauceirInheritance|inheritance]] and [[../FauceirHeritage|heritage]]. For definition of these terms, please see specific articles. In both cases we deal with a fauceir that consists of …

Tags: Control Core theory Theory

Categories: Systems Theory

Insulation Rule

Synonyms: Rule of Progressive Blinding; Rule of Progressive Inertness

> The process of evolutionary progress is characterized by an increased level of insulation. <
> == Rational Proof # Each fauceir consists of an infinite number of element fauceirs. …

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Categories: Philosophy Systems Theory


**Memes** constitute special class of social fauceirs that evolved predominantly to control either human individuals or [[../Society|groups]] of individuals. Though communication in social compounds is a prerequisite of the evolution …

Tags: Meme Theory

Categories: Philosophy Sociology Systems Theory

Niche Construction

> Niche Construction is an evolutionary process by which for a limited space and time an insulated evolutionary process exists. <
> == Discussion This definition can only be understood …

Tags: Evolution Theory

Categories: Philosophy Systems Theory

Niche Construction - Its Frightening Implications

**Niche construction** is neatly outlined in a book <>. In its preface the authors claim: <> As our investigation proceeded, it appeared the ramifications of niche construction grew to …

Tags: Evolution Ideology Theory

Categories: Biology Sociology Systems Theory

Set Operations

This page demonstrates fundamental set operatons and the corresponding Venn diagramms as reference. The resulting set is shown in red. == Union <>A \cup B<> <> def …


Categories: Mathematics Systems Theory


According to classical systems theory a signal is function of time that carries information<>1<>. In fauceir terms this needs to be re-defined as not only information gets a broader …

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Categories: Systems Theory

Umbrella Theory of Evolution

In the evolutionary literature the term "umbrella theory" can be found. There is no clear definition of that term. When googling the term different meanings not associated with evolutionary theory …

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Categories: Evolutionary Biology Systems Theory

Unlimited Creation Rule

> At any given space of time an unlimited number of fauceirs is created and destroyed. <
> == Rational Proof # The universe contains an unlimited number of fauceirs. …

Tags: Core theory Rules Theory

Categories: Philosophy Systems Theory

War as a social fauceir

This is actually a comment on comments made [[http://socialevolutionforum.com/2013/01/13/is-war-creative/|on this web page]]. Probably it is a good idea to read this page first although I quoted the most interesting points. …

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