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In fauceir terms Cognition is a psychological fauceir that links human perception to rational behavior. Needless to say that cognition as a fauceir has a whole bunch (in fact an infinite number) of slave fauceirs that all more or less can evolve.

The classical definition of cognition lists some of these sub-fauceirs explicitly: perceiving, recording, storing, organizing, and using information[Error: Macro 'ref' doesn't exist] . I avoid such a definition because it is both too vague, listing only abstract words that need further clarification to be understood in its relationship, and too fixed to be modified. Cognition however is a fauceir, and as such it is subject to perpetual modification. It already exists a vide variety of types of cognition among humans as much or even more as animal species, for instance. But by contrast to biological species the types of cognition evolve much faster. Sometimes it even doesn't take generations but few hours only. Scientists began to classify cognition types into several large groups called cognition strategies. These groups may be viewed as something like kingdoms in biological taxonomy. It makes no sense to name all the subtypes, the lower taxa of cognition as some of these only exist only for a limited space of time in a limited number of people. But as some of these short living subtypes reappear from time to time under certain conditions, such development, education, and political pressure, it is still worth developing a classification, which can be done on fauceir principles.

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