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Synonyms: Voluntarism

**[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchism|Anarchism]]** is a philosophical view and political movement that denies authority and government. The state as any hierarchical structure is opposed, and a society where people voluntarily cooperate is favored …

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Average Association

Synonyms: Kaninchenzüchterverein

In German language there exists a term 'Kaninchenzüchterverein' that literally means an association of rabbit breeders, but in philosophical and political context this term is used as reference to an …

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Comment on Rampages

This is actually a comment on three posts at the [[http://socialevolutionforum.com/2012/12/16/canaries-in-a-coal-mine-ii-we-too-are-asking-why/| Social Evolution Forum]] on rampages interpreted as early signs of social unrest. **Firstly**, By demonstrating a tenfold increase in …

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Synonyms: Men Eating, Anthropophagy

**Cannibalism** is the use of other human body parts for nutrition, to meet, so to say, the need of of essential nutrients and energy supply.

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In fauceir terms **Cognition** is a psychological fauceir that links human perception to rational behavior. Needless to say that cognition as a fauceir has a whole bunch (in fact an …

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Cognitive inhibition

**Cognitive inhibition** is a type of control exerted on our conscious mind to filter information<>. This might be of importance to all individuals with consciousness, as the long term …

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Synonyms: Psychological Awareness

**Consciousness** is an illusion. Consciousness remains a mystery even to those who venture to describe it. Its definition is highly controversial, so encyclopedias and dictionaries, such as [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consciousness|Wikipedia]] and [[http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/consciousness|Meriam-Webster …

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Contrasting abstraction and generalization

Synonyms: Abstraction vs. Generalization

Abstraction and generalization are two epistemological fauceirs that interpret an object in a more general framework. While abstraction reduces the number of properties, generalization adds new properties. Abstraction is introduced …

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**Creativity** is the evolution of new fauceirs by [[../Cognition|cognition]].

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Synonyms: blocked rational thinking

Denkhemmung is a German word. It is not used in German language either. I invented it to describe a phenomenon that people are unaware of the obvious but invent irrational …

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Mutual Dependence Rule

Synonyms: Rule of mutual influence

> Mutual visibility entails mutual dependence. <
> == Rational Proof # Visibility depends on fauceirs mutual interaction. # All interacting sides will be affected by that interaction # Conclusively …

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Endowment Effect

**[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endowment_effect|Endowment effect]]** describes a phenomenon observed in economics. People value objects already in their possession higher than objects that can be purchased. == Classic experiment == # Two objects were …

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Synonyms: Accumulation of Knowledge, Development of understanding

**Epistemology** is a branch of philosophy that studies how knowledge is accumulated. The accumulation of knowledge is explained as a fauceir evolution process, what a surprise :-). Fist we consider …

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Evolution of a societies life cycle

Synonyms: History

The evolution of societies life cycles is tightly connected with human history. In fact human history is the collection of various accounts of human societies rise and fall. As a …

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Fauceir Theory of Memory

When memory is considered a fauceir the conclusions listed on this page can be drawn. = The Fauceir Model == Memory a Fauceirs As a fauceir consists of a set …

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Hierarchy Of Social Rules

Synonyms: History of Social Rules, Social Rules

**Social Rules** are slave fauceirs of social groups specifically designed to keep control of group member's behavior. The hierarchy proposed on this page is based on evolutionary distance. Three groups …

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Synonyms: Human Intelligence

**Intelligence** is the readiness of a human's brain to create cognitive fauceirs. This is compatible with the essence of intelligence tests that mainly test the capability to swiftly find solutions …

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Human Memory

Synonyms: Memory, human

**Human memory** is the sum of all information (conscious or subconscious) stored in a persons brain. This information comes in fauceir packages, [[../Story|stories]]. A person's memory is a growing pyramid. …

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Independent researchers into evolution

Our thinking is limited by ideology. Ideology is made to subconsciously influence ideas. That, of course, holds true for whole frameworks of ideas, theories. Evolutionary theory makes no exception. Since …

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Influence of a Social Group

Human individuals are simultaneously members of several social groups. Those groups can have different agendas. Not only that each group has favorite goals, but also those goals can be contradictory. …

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Intelligence is Threatened

When we talk about intelligence on this page, intelligence is not understood as the sum of acquired knowledge, it is even not the intelligence quotient IQ. Intelligence is defined as …

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Too-big-to-fail Myth

Wikipedia explains the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Too_big_to_fail|term too-big-to-fail]] economically only. By that definition the term describes a set of enterprises whose failure may be disastrous to the whole economy, so the state is …

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Psychological Repression

Synonyms: Verdrängung, Repression

Psychological repression is a psychopathological condition characterized described by psychoanalysis. The concept holds that the subconscious suppression of (sexual) desires and unpleasant memories causes psychological conditions. Beside those pathological conditions …

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== Definition **Psychopathy is a psychological condition of humans that are completely emotionless** == Remarks * Psychopathy is predominantly studies among criminals, serial killers in particular, but psychopaths exist with …

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Reply to "Social Scientists and their Struggle with Statistics"

This is actually a reply to a post that claims to have improved statistics. It comes with a bundle of software that will be discussed here. We not only put …

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Robbers Cave Experiment

**Robbers Cave Experiment** is a psychological experiment on social groups carried out in 1954 by Muzafer Sherif <>. 20 adolescent boys were driven to a state park, divided into …

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Romeo And Juliet Conflict

Synonyms: Romeo And Juliet Phenomenon

The famous play //**[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romeo_and_Juliet|Romeo and Juliet]]**// written William Shakespeare serves as a typical example of social fauceir conflict on this page. The root of this conflict is the collision of …

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**Shamanism** is a type of religion in which all social control is cantraized in a single control structure. In a small hunter-gatherer society religion was almost exclusively represented by a …

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Sigmund Freud

**Sigmund Freud** (1856–1939) who defined psychoanalysis can also be considered a [[../Vordenker|vordenker]] of fauceir theory. At least, he discovered two important feature among psychological fauceirs that are crucial to all …

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Social conflicts

Marx correctly observed that humans'' actions and their way to understand the world is to a lesser degree determined by their thinking but vice versa their thinking is determined by …

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Evolutionary Sociology

Synonyms: Social Evolution; Social Darwinism

== Definition == Social evolution is the [[../EvolutionDefinition|evolution]] of social fauceirs. Social evolution is not different from history. In fact social evolution includes history. History is studying social evolution in …

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Stockholm Syndrome

Synonyms: Terror-bonding, Traumatic bonding

**[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome|Stockholm Syndrome]]** is a phenomenon observed in criminology by which victims of abduction or hostage feel sympathy towards their captors and may even support their criminal acts. == Examples == …

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A **story** is a package of information stored in a humans brain. A story as a fauceir consists of a set of details and their relationship, which most common is …

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**Xenophobia** is a set of human behaviors that reflects the conflict between the social fauceirs as mirrored in a human's consciousness. Xenophobia may have two aspects defense or aggression. If …

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