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The **C-value** is the amount of haploid DNA.

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Genomic Disorders

**Genomic Disorder** is a term coined by Lupski and Stankiewicz to contrast mere nucleotide substitutions and small size deletions insertions and duplications with large genomic rearrangements that affect a greater …

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Horizontal Gene Transfer

Synonyms: Lateral Gene Transfer

**Horizontal gene transfer** describes the incorporation of genetic material into a genome of an organism without being inherited. The genetic material most often genes or clusters of genes that serve …

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L1 Mobile Element

Synonyms: L1 Retrotransposon

The sequence of a typical L1 Retrotransposon [[http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/U09116.1|downloaded from NCBI]]. {{{ LOCUS HSU09116 6539 bp DNA linear PRI 26-OCT-2005 DEFINITION Human retrotransposable L1 element LRE2 from chromosome 1q. ACCESSION U09116 …

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Synonyms: Transposable Elements; Mobile DNA; Selfish DNA; Junk DNA; Jumping Genes

== Definition == **Transposons** are DNA fragments that are capable of moving from one place to an other of a cells genome. == Frequency == The frequency of transposable elements …

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