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Soil eroding ants

In the book //Niche Construction: The Neglected Process in Evolution// <> the authors use examples from the book //Journey to the Ants// <> to illustrate ecosystem engineering. Though …

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Beaver Habitat

The beaver habitat is a typical example of an [[../NicheConstruction|niche construction]]. It consists of Dams, usually created by cut trees, a pond and lodges. <> <> …

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Collapsed Anthill

Last summer I observed a bustling ant colony with an impressive anthill. This year at this place I found a hole filled with soft debris. The colony was gone, and …

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Cope's rule

Synonyms: Cope-Depéret rule

Cope's rule is the [[../GrowthRule|Size Rule]] applied to biological objects. It was first observed in the fossile record <>. Although named after Cope, he never actually stated that rule. …

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Ecological refugium

An Ecological refugium is what is in colloquial German often understood by ecological niche. <
> Is an ecologically characterized location where a once abundant species can survive and thrive. …

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**Ecotype** is a specific phenotype of a species that occurs in in a certain environment, ecosystem, only. Usually other species that live in the same ecosystem define the ecotype. As …

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Epigenetic landscape

**Epigenetic landscape** is a model introduced by [[../ConradHalWaddington|Conrad Hal Waddington]] that tries to explain the development into different directions depending on environmental or epigenetic factors. The model is a 3D …

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Progress in evolution

Synonyms: Evolutionary progress; Evolution progress

**Evolutionary progress** describes magnitude and direction of evolution. Progress is measurable by level and pace. There is progress in evolution which is obvious to everyone who compares the simplicity of …

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Genomic Disorders

**Genomic Disorder** is a term coined by Lupski and Stankiewicz to contrast mere nucleotide substitutions and small size deletions insertions and duplications with large genomic rearrangements that affect a greater …

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Too-big-to-fail Myth

Wikipedia explains the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Too_big_to_fail|term too-big-to-fail]] economically only. By that definition the term describes a set of enterprises whose failure may be disastrous to the whole economy, so the state is …

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Niche Construction - Its Frightening Implications

**Niche construction** is neatly outlined in a book <>. In its preface the authors claim: <> As our investigation proceeded, it appeared the ramifications of niche construction grew to …

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**[[http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/patriline|Patriline]]** is male inheritance. From generation to generation the trait is linked to males only. See also [[../Matriline|matriline]] = Examples = * The Y-chromosome in male mammals in inherited in …

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Peto's paradox

Peto observed that the risk of cancer increases with the time of exposure to a cancerogene and the number of cells exposed <>. <
> Although one would expect …

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Peto's Rule

Synonyms: Tumor suppression rule

Peto's Rule is the inversion of [[../PetosParadox|Peto's Paradox]]. It is the [[..SlaveryEnforcementRule|Rule of Enforced Enslavement]] applied specifically to the multi-cellularity fauceir. <
> If an organism evolves a larger body …

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Too-big-to-survive rule

Synonyms: Rule too-big-to-succeed

> The rule states that a fauceir tends to fail if it grows too big. <
> == Proof # With an increase in size the probability of deleterious interactions …

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**Speciation** is the generation of a new species by evolution. It is generally assumed that speciation is the result of isolation as observed by Darwin and Wallace on separate islands, …

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Spinster Phenomenon

**Spinster phenomenon** is a behavior pattern among females that live in social compounds. When males are absent females take over the social roles of males. == Rational == Such a …

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Symsagittifera roscoffensis

Teased by Lynn Margulis' book //Symbiotic Planet//<>, I visited [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roscoff|Roscoff]] this summer to see the the flatworm //Symsagittifera roscoffensis//, formerly //Convoluta roscoffensis// and take some photos and videos. …

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**Waterlillies** are aquatic plants of the genus Nymphaea that exhibit impressive flowers. Not only because of its beautiful blossom I took this photo but it also graphically demonstrates its changing …

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