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Rule of diffluence

Rule of diffluence states that during evolution a diversification takes place. As a result, fauceirs at several stages of evolutions coexist and begin to cooperate.

The rule of diffluence does not mean that all earlier stages of evolution persist to infinity. It is a well known fact that some earlier stages go extinct. Also the rule does not mean that those earlier stages stay at the same level of evolution for ever. They adapt and evolve too, of course.


  • Bacteria still exist although much higher evolved biological species evolved.
    • Bacteria occupy ecological niches where other species cannot survive.
    • Bacteria adapted to symbiotic live with higher species.
    • Bacteria evolved better tool to adapt, bacterial conjugation and chorum sensing, for instance.
  • Human societies on this planet exist in various forms, democracies, autocracies, feudalistic structures, slavery, and even hunter-gatherer societies.

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