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Abstraction Rule

Synonyms: Rule of Abstraction

The Abstraction Rule states that the more a theory is abstract the more general and lasting its implications, but on the other hand, the less precise its predictions to a ...

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Categories: Epistemology

Blindness rule

Synonyms: Rule of blindness; Dark matter rule

Rule of Blindness is a special case and an antonym to the visibility rule. It is also called the rule of dark matter as sheer existence and invisibility is explicable ...

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Categories: Philosophy Systems Theory

Decontextualization Rule of Evolution

The decontextualization rule of evolution states that while evolution advances regulatory units are driven apart by accumulation of intercalated processes. Decontextualization of classical Darwinian evolution puzzles evolutionary biologists Examples
  • The ...

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Dependence rule

Synonyms: Rule of mutual influence

The Dependence rule is a special case and antonym to the rule of visibility. It states that there is no independent observer. A fauceir can be observer ie. is visible ...

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Categories: Philosophy Physics Psychology Systems Theory

Dignity Rule

The Dignity rule is a rule of social evolution. It states that the more advanced a human society the more the dignity of its members, us humans, is respected. This ...

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Categories: Sociology

Size rule of evolution

Synonyms: Rule of Growth

The size rule of evolution states that a fauceir if not restricted otherwise growths in size with evolution. Examples
  • Physics: Nuclear fusion going on in the sun, and even the ...

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Categories: Evolutionary Biology Sociology


Synonyms: Rule of Imprecision

Imprecision is an important component of fauceir theory. A a rule, all control processes, every information exchange involves unintended side effects, collateral damage. It is the goal of evolutionary progress ...

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Insulation Rule of Evolution

The insulation rule of evolution states that fauceirs tend to escape interactions with other fauceirs to make themselves invisible. It is closely related to the visibility rule. While the visibility ...

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Liberty Rule of Evolution

Admittedly, to call this Liberty Rule is kind of anthropocentristic, so the name is chosen for rather historical reasons and for didactic purposes. During revolutions the call for freedom was ...

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Rule of mass extiction

Mass extiction occur on a regular basis in each evolution. As mass extinctions are essential to evolutionary process preventing them hinders evolutionary progress. Rational The easiest way for a fauceir ...

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Property Inheritance Rule

Synonyms: Rule of Property Inheritance

The Property Inheritance Rule states that each fauceir which always must be considered as a collection of sub-fauceirs inherits all its properties from its elements. Therefore a fauceirs properties might ...

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Rule of diffluence

Rule of diffluence states that during evolution a diversification takes place. As a result, fauceirs at several stages of evolutions coexist and begin to cooperate. The rule of diffluence does ...

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Categories: Evolutionary Biology Sociology

Rule Of Dwindling Importance

The rule of dwindling mutual importance with increasing evolutionary distance states that the greater the evolutionary distance between master and slave fauceirs the more negligible its mutual impact. Rational The ...

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Too-big-to-survive rule

Synonyms: Rule too-big-to-succeed

The rule states that a fauceir tends to fail if it grows too big. This rule is contrary to the widely held and ideologically enforced too-big-to-fail myth. Examples
  • Physics: Large ...

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Categories: Biology Evolutionary Biology Sociology

Rule of an Inherent Tendency to Enforce Enslavement

Synonyms: Slavery Enforcement Rule

Rule of an Inherent Tendency to Enforce Enslavement is a special case of the Property Inheritance Rule. The rule stated that the more a fauceir is evolved the more pronounced ...

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Visibility rule

Synonyms: Rule of visibility

Visibility Rule states that other fauceirs are visible to a certain fauceir if and only if both can interact. And interaction usually requires common sub-fauceirs. Visibility can be described qualitatively ...

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Categories: Philosophy Systems Theory


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