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**Abstraction** is method and result of a cognitive action that results in a new entity with a reduced number of properties to describe a real existing object. An abstraction itself …

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Cognitive inhibition

**Cognitive inhibition** is a type of control exerted on our conscious mind to filter information<>. This might be of importance to all individuals with consciousness, as the long term …

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Deductive reasoning

Synonyms: Deduction

**Deductive reasoning** is arriving at a specific statement by logical conclusions from a more general statement. If the logic is not fallacious the conclusion is necessarily always true. The problem …

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Synonyms: Accumulation of Knowledge, Development of understanding

**Epistemology** is a branch of philosophy that studies how knowledge is accumulated. The accumulation of knowledge is explained as a fauceir evolution process, what a surprise :-). Fist we consider …

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Fauceir Theory of Memory

When memory is considered a fauceir the conclusions listed on this page can be drawn. = The Fauceir Model == Memory a Fauceirs As a fauceir consists of a set …

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A filter is a subclass of a model that intentionally and not accidentally, blinds out some aspects of the reality. Filters are [[../Model|models]] designed to reduce complexity and to make …

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Linguistic construct: "For my part, I ..."

From time to time, when I can afford the time to learn, to improve my English, I browse a little [[http://www.amazon.de/Discussing-English-Englisch-deutsche-Diskussionswendungen-Anwendungsbeispielen/dp/3150197155/|booklet]] called "Discussing in English". It lists phrases often used …

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**Generalization** is method and result of a cognitive process that creates an epistemological fauceir that succinctly describes all possible states of a set of entities. <> digraph G { rankdir="LR"; …

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Intelligence is Threatened

When we talk about intelligence on this page, intelligence is not understood as the sum of acquired knowledge, it is even not the intelligence quotient IQ. Intelligence is defined as …

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Synonyms: Scientific Model

A model is a representation of the objectively existing reality. By that token, a model is not the reality itself but only a mirror image. That definition of a model …

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Synonyms: Scientific theory

A scientific theory is a specific subset of a scientific model. A theory consist of a framework of causally interrelated rational claims that can be described by [[../Model|secondary models]], mathematically …

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