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Soil eroding ants

In the book //Niche Construction: The Neglected Process in Evolution// <> the authors use examples from the book //Journey to the Ants// <> to illustrate ecosystem engineering. Though …

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Beaver Habitat

The beaver habitat is a typical example of an [[../NicheConstruction|niche construction]]. It consists of Dams, usually created by cut trees, a pond and lodges. <> <> …

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Ecological license

Synonyms: ecological vacancy

Ecological license is a term coined by German biologists Günther and Osche <> which is rarely used in international ecological literature. <
> Ecological license is the sum of …

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Ecological refugium

An Ecological refugium is what is in colloquial German often understood by ecological niche. <
> Is an ecologically characterized location where a once abundant species can survive and thrive. …

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