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Evolutionary Sociology

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Synonyms: Social Evolution; Social Darwinism


Social evolution is the evolution of social fauceirs.

Social evolution is not different from history. In fact social evolution includes history. History is studying social evolution in a restricted geographical space over time. Studying social evolution in genaral, however, is multidimensional, so it can by studied over time and space, such that the same rules of social evolution may apply to history of a specific country as well as to different countries within the same period.

For instance the Dignity Rule holds for a single country over history as well as for different societies at the same time.

Time and space are the most common parameter by which social evolution can be measured. Of course, there exist many more, infinite in fact as it follows from Fauceir Theory.


The approach to social evolution is controversial. Despite of the well recognized fact that societies evolve, the concept of Social Darwinism is ideological and fiercely disputed.

The root of this controversy lays at our involvement. We humans are social animals. As such we are part of social evolution. Progress in undecerinble if everything around us moves into the same direction.

While studying social evolution we face the same problems as physicists centuries ago when studying the rotation of our planet. Social progress becomes discernible only if:

  1. We observe it from a somehow external position. That distance may be achieved by living as an hermit or analyzing distant cultures. Distant in space or time.
  2. We start to independently analyze how much our position is influenced by our social group.

He have to be aware that none of these approaches yields a complete detachment from our group's ideology. Thus all positions about social evolution, even the one that neglects social evolution at all, are tainted by ideology.


As social evolution is the evolution of social fauceirs, it is not the evolution of the members of a social group, us humans. In fact social evolution may involve devolution of its members.


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