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Synonyms: Voluntarism

**[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchism|Anarchism]]** is a philosophical view and political movement that denies authority and government. The state as any hierarchical structure is opposed, and a society where people voluntarily cooperate is favored …

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Anatomy of war

War is a fauceir that evolves temporarily to accomplish feedback among social fauceirs. It shows the typical of fauceirs nested structure. It is sub-fauceir of all connections between the opponents, …

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Average Association

Synonyms: Kaninchenzüchterverein

In German language there exists a term 'Kaninchenzüchterverein' that literally means an association of rabbit breeders, but in philosophical and political context this term is used as reference to an …

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Comment on Rampages

This is actually a comment on three posts at the [[http://socialevolutionforum.com/2012/12/16/canaries-in-a-coal-mine-ii-we-too-are-asking-why/| Social Evolution Forum]] on rampages interpreted as early signs of social unrest. **Firstly**, By demonstrating a tenfold increase in …

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Synonyms: Men Eating, Anthropophagy

**Cannibalism** is the use of other human body parts for nutrition, to meet, so to say, the need of of essential nutrients and energy supply.

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Cognitive inhibition

**Cognitive inhibition** is a type of control exerted on our conscious mind to filter information<>. This might be of importance to all individuals with consciousness, as the long term …

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Collapsed Anthill

Last summer I observed a bustling ant colony with an impressive anthill. This year at this place I found a hole filled with soft debris. The colony was gone, and …

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Synonyms: Psychological Awareness

**Consciousness** is an illusion. Consciousness remains a mystery even to those who venture to describe it. Its definition is highly controversial, so encyclopedias and dictionaries, such as [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consciousness|Wikipedia]] and [[http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/consciousness|Meriam-Webster …

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Crony capitalism

**Crony capitalism** is capitalism falling back to feudalism as many aspects of the economy that in capitalism are controlled by a free marked are governmentally controlled again.

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Synonyms: blocked rational thinking

Denkhemmung is a German word. It is not used in German language either. I invented it to describe a phenomenon that people are unaware of the obvious but invent irrational …

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Dignity Rule

The Dignity rule is a rule of [[../SocialEvolution|social evolution]]. It states that the more advanced a human society the more the dignity of its members, us humans, is respected. This …

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Synonyms: Economic Fauceirs

The economy is a subfauceir to human society and a container of all fauceirs that relate to human-nature interaction.

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Demographic control

Synonyms: Demographic regulation

Demographic control is a fauceir that evolved with the advent of societies. It is a byproduct of social evolution. One of many social fauciers that are essential for society's persistence. …

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Evolution of a societies life cycle

Synonyms: History

The evolution of societies life cycles is tightly connected with human history. In fact human history is the collection of various accounts of human societies rise and fall. As a …

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The evolution of religion

There are many ways of course to handle religion, as a believer or as a scientist, for instance. There are many ways to study religion, sill. Yo may count the …

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Fauceir inheritance

Synonyms: Inheritance

The concept of **fauceir inheritance** is different from [[../FauceirHeritage|heritage]]. <
> Inheritance is a fauceir whose slave fauceirs push the development of a fauceir in a defined direction. The direction …

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Hayek On Cultural Evolution

How [[../FriedrichAugustvonHayek|F.A.v. Hayek]] described social evolution is shown in this video. <> Hayek can be considered kind of a [[../Vordenker|Vordenker]] of fauceir theory. His view that social rules, …

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Herbert Spencer

<> **[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbert_Spencer|Herbert Spencer]]** (27/04/1820-08/12/1903) developed a theory of social evolution. His theory includes a definition of [[http://fauceir.local/main/page/SocialProgress|progress]], and embraces the whole natural world beginning with the origination of planets …

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Hierarchy Of Social Rules

Synonyms: History of Social Rules, Social Rules

**Social Rules** are slave fauceirs of social groups specifically designed to keep control of group member's behavior. The hierarchy proposed on this page is based on evolutionary distance. Three groups …

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An anarchist's definition of a state goes as follows. <> Briefly, the State is that organization in society which attempts to maintain a monopoly of the use of force and …

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**Ideology** is a set of rules that force human thinking in a direction that ensures best enslavement. In other words and more sarcastically, ideology can be defined as a set …

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Independent researchers into evolution

Our thinking is limited by ideology. Ideology is made to subconsciously influence ideas. That, of course, holds true for whole frameworks of ideas, theories. Evolutionary theory makes no exception. Since …

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Influence of a Social Group

Human individuals are simultaneously members of several social groups. Those groups can have different agendas. Not only that each group has favorite goals, but also those goals can be contradictory. …

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Inequality Model

As on this page the fauceir model of inequality is described, inequality is a treated as a fauceir that evolved 10,000-60,000 years ago. Inequality evolved because societies that exhibited inequality …

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Malthus Paradox

**[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Robert_Malthus|Thomas Robert Malthus]]** in his //Essay on the Principle of Population// stated that populations growth will lead to famine and populations will decline<>. Some scientists even predict a next …

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**Memes** constitute special class of social fauceirs that evolved predominantly to control either human individuals or [[../Society|groups]] of individuals. Though communication in social compounds is a prerequisite of the evolution …

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Niche Construction - Its Frightening Implications

**Niche construction** is neatly outlined in a book <>. In its preface the authors claim: <> As our investigation proceeded, it appeared the ramifications of niche construction grew to …

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Reply to David Sloan Wilson's Post at Social Evolution Forum

This reply is to [[http://socialevolutionforum.com/2012/10/02/david-sloan-wilson-human-cultures-are-primarily-adaptive-at-the-group-level|David Sloan Wilson's blog entry //'Human Cultures are Primarily Adaptive at the Group Level'//]]. Below I will make remarks to some quotes from the text. The …

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Reply to "Social Scientists and their Struggle with Statistics"

This is actually a reply to a post that claims to have improved statistics. It comes with a bundle of software that will be discussed here. We not only put …

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Robbers Cave Experiment

**Robbers Cave Experiment** is a psychological experiment on social groups carried out in 1954 by Muzafer Sherif <>. 20 adolescent boys were driven to a state park, divided into …

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Romeo And Juliet Conflict

Synonyms: Romeo And Juliet Phenomenon

The famous play //**[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romeo_and_Juliet|Romeo and Juliet]]**// written William Shakespeare serves as a typical example of social fauceir conflict on this page. The root of this conflict is the collision of …

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Rule of diffluence

Note: the rule of diffluence is merged into the [[../DisparityRule|rule of disparity]]. **Rule of diffluence** states that during evolution a diversification takes place. As a result, fauceirs at several stages …

Tags: Core theory Rules Theory

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Too-big-to-survive rule

Synonyms: Rule too-big-to-succeed

> The rule states that a fauceir tends to fail if it grows too big. <
> == Proof # With an increase in size the probability of deleterious interactions …

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**Shamanism** is a type of religion in which all social control is cantraized in a single control structure. In a small hunter-gatherer society religion was almost exclusively represented by a …

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Social conflicts

Marx correctly observed that humans'' actions and their way to understand the world is to a lesser degree determined by their thinking but vice versa their thinking is determined by …

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Evolutionary Sociology

Synonyms: Social Evolution; Social Darwinism

== Definition == Social evolution is the [[../EvolutionDefinition|evolution]] of social fauceirs. Social evolution is not different from history. In fact social evolution includes history. History is studying social evolution in …

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Social Fauceirs

**Social Fauceirs** embrace all type of groups of individuals. For those groups of individuals to persist it requires rules and communication systems. All these rules and communication systems that maintain …

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Definition and measurement of social progress

Let's suppose social evolutionists don't accept the narrow definition of evolution applied by some evolutionary biologists who consider mere genetic change, such as diversification, as evolution. Let's assume social evolution …

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Society's life cycle

Synonyms: Life cycle society

As all fauceirs have a limited life span, this is true for [[..Society|societies]] a subset of [[..SocialFauceir|social fauceirs]] too, of course. The life span of societies may vary from a …

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Spinster Phenomenon

**Spinster phenomenon** is a behavior pattern among females that live in social compounds. When males are absent females take over the social roles of males. == Rational == Such a …

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Stockholm Syndrome

Synonyms: Terror-bonding, Traumatic bonding

**[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome|Stockholm Syndrome]]** is a phenomenon observed in criminology by which victims of abduction or hostage feel sympathy towards their captors and may even support their criminal acts. == Examples == …

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Violence describes a fauceir control that causes unpleasant feelings in an individual. It is subjective as the same type of control might be felt differently in various environment or by …

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War as a social fauceir

This is actually a comment on comments made [[http://socialevolutionforum.com/2013/01/13/is-war-creative/|on this web page]]. Probably it is a good idea to read this page first although I quoted the most interesting points. …

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Why fauceirs not memes?

Meme is an evolutionary unit devised by Richard Dawkins to explain social evolution in a fashion similar to genes<>. [[http://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/What-Defines-a-Meme.html|When I first learned about memes]], the fauceir concept was …

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**Xenophobia** is a set of human behaviors that reflects the conflict between the social fauceirs as mirrored in a human's consciousness. Xenophobia may have two aspects defense or aggression. If …

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