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Epigenetic landscape

Epigenetic landscape is a model introduced by Conrad Hal Waddington that tries to explain the development into different directions depending on environmental or epigenetic factors. The model is a 3D ...

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Fauceir heritage

Synonyms: Heritage

The concept of fauceir heritage is different from inheritance.
Fauceir heritage is a fauceir whose slave fauceirs memorize the developmental trajectory of a master fauceir.
  • Typically environmental factors that ...

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Phenotypic Plasticity

By phenotypic plasticity we understand the range of variation a phenotype can asume at a given genotype. Phenotypic plasticity embraces phenotypic changes that are influenced by environmental factors not by ...

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Synonyms: Transposable Elements; Mobile DNA; Selfish DNA; Junk DNA; Jumping Genes

Definition Transposons are DNA fragments that are capable of moving from one place to an other of a cells genome. Frequency The frequency of transposable elements in different genomes is ...

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