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Anatomy of war

War is a fauceir that evolves temporarily to accomplish feedback among social fauceirs. It shows the typical of fauceirs nested structure. It is sub-fauceir of all connections between the opponents ...

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Categories: Sociology

Average Association

Synonyms: Kaninchenzüchterverein

In German language there exists a term 'Kaninchenzüchterverein' that literally means an association of rabbit breeders, but in philosophical and political context this term is used as reference to an ...

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Cognitive inhibition

Cognitive inhibition is a type of control exerted on our conscious mind to filter information[1]. This might be of importance to all individuals with consciousness, as the long term ...

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Crony capitalism

Crony capitalism is capitalism falling back to feudalism as many aspects of the economy that in capitalism are controlled by a free marked are governmentally controlled again.

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Darwinian control

Synonyms: Selectional control; Evolutionary control

Darwinian control is a special case of fauceir control characterized by statistically defined outcome and an also statistical feedback that is carried out by inheritance. Darwinian control takes place mostly ...

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Epigenetic landscape

Epigenetic landscape is a model introduced by Conrad Hal Waddington that tries to explain the development into different directions depending on environmental or epigenetic factors. The model is a 3D ...

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Demographic control

Synonyms: Demographic regulation

Demographic control is a fauceir that evolved with the advent of societies. It is a byproduct of social evolution. One of many social fauciers that are essential for society's ...

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Fauceir Definition

Fauceir is an acronym of functional abstract unit controlling evolutionary information recovery. It was necessary to define this term to describe process and ...

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Categories: Evolutionary Biology

Fauceir's Environment

Synonyms: Environment of a Fauceir

A fauceir's environment is the sum of all neighboring fauceirs capable to exchange information or exert some type of control. This includes master as well as slave fauceirs. The ...

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Hayek On Cultural Evolution

How F.A.v. Hayek described social evolution is shown in this video. Hayek can be considered kind of a Vordenker of fauceir theory. His view that social rules, evolve ...

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Categories: Sociology

Inheritance - Heritage

This article tackles the differences between fauceir inheritance and heritage. For definition of these terms, please see specific articles. In both cases we deal with a fauceir that consists of ...

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Categories: Systems Theory

Philosophical reductionism and fauceir theory

The genus–differentia definition offered by many dictionaries characterizes reductionism as a philosophical position that asserts that complex structures and functions can simply be described by the properties and laws ...

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Rule Of Dwindling Importance

The rule of dwindling mutual importance with increasing evolutionary distance states that the greater the evolutionary distance between master and slave fauceirs the more negligible its mutual impact. Rational The ...

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Shamanism is a type of religion in which all social control is cantraized in a single control structure. In a small hunter-gatherer society religion was almost exclusively represented by a ...

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Synonyms: Ubiquitin

Ubiquitylation is a process of selective protein recycling in eukaryotic cells. The process is initiated by attaching a small label protein, ubiquitin, to the target protein. The so labeled protein ...

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War as a social fauceir

This is actually a comment on comments made on this web page. Probably it is a good idea to read this page first although I quoted the most interesting points ...

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