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Bayes Theorem in Genetic Counseling

The picture shows a pedigree (as good as the dot software allows) of a family with a recessive x-linked disorder. The mutated X-chromosome is symbolized by the small letter x ...

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The C-value is the amount of haploid DNA.

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Epigenetic landscape

Epigenetic landscape is a model introduced by Conrad Hal Waddington that tries to explain the development into different directions depending on environmental or epigenetic factors. The model is a 3D ...

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Fisher's fife-table mistakes

When reading about mathematical models of evolution you will probably inevitably bump into The Genetical Theory Of Natural Selection[1]. This book praised by many authors as the fundamental work ...

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Gene Flow

Synonyms: Allele Flow

Gene Flow describes the movement of genetic markers within a population or between different populations. By the detection of transposons gene flow among different species became feasible. The term gene ...

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Genetic Accomodation

Synonyms: Accomodation, Genetic

Genetic accommodation is a concept of evolution introduced by Mary Jane West-Eberhard[1,2]. According to Braendle and Flatt[3], genetic accommodation is a generalization of the concept of genetic ...

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Genetic Assimilation

Synonyms: Assimilation, Genetic

Genetic Assimilation is an evolutionary concept developed by Conrad Hal Waddington. It is explains with Darwinian principles how acquired characters become inheritable. Probably because of his leftist political views his ...

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Genetic Drift

Synonyms: Genetic Sampling; Allelic Drift; Sewall Wright Effect

Genetic drift is the time dependent change of the allele frequency in a population due to random sampling.

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Horizontal Gene Transfer

Synonyms: Lateral Gene Transfer

Horizontal gene transfer describes the incorporation of genetic material into a genome of an organism without being inherited. The genetic material most often genes or clusters of genes that serve ...

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L1 Mobile Element

Synonyms: L1 Retrotransposon

The sequence of a typical L1 Retrotransposon downloaded from NCBI.
LOCUS       HSU09116                6539 bp    DNA     linear   PRI 26-OCT-2005
DEFINITION  Human retrotransposable L1 element LRE2 from chromosome 1q.

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Matriline is inheritance along the maternal line. The opposite is [[../Patrilien|patriline]. Examples
  • The W-chomosome in birds and some reptiles and fish is inherited in a matriline.
  • Traites that are ...

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In genetics, mutability describes the tendency to undergo genetic mutations. Even in biology the term can be applied to different units of organization, with a single nucleotide being the smallest ...

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Neutral Evolution

Synonyms: Neutral Changes

Neutral evolution is a concept of evolution that considers changes to the genomic DNA as result of stochastical processes by contrast to adaptation, the usual concept. History The theory of ...

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Obesity Rate Levels Off

After several decades of constant growth in the past decade obesity did not grow any more among children [1] and adults [2]. Some authors would claim banning vending machines from ...

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Genetic Orthology

Suprisingly Orthology is hitherto unknown in the English edition of wikipedia although there is a large body of literature available on PubMed(total 933 entries to date). Orthologous genes are ...

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Patriline is male inheritance. From generation to generation the trait is linked to males only. See also matriline Examples
  • The Y-chromosome in male mammals in inherited in a patriline
  • Some ...

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The phenotype in its classical sense is the the sum of all characters that a biological organism has. It does not matter whether these characters derive from inherited or acquired ...

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Molecular Signaling in Collagen Proteins

An article in the American Journal of Human Genetics describes the importance of COL4A2 for the secretion of COL4A1 and the normal function of both proteins [1]. The most surprising ...

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Synonyms: Transposable Elements; Mobile DNA; Selfish DNA; Junk DNA; Jumping Genes

Definition Transposons are DNA fragments that are capable of moving from one place to an other of a cells genome. Frequency The frequency of transposable elements in different genomes is ...

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Why fauceirs not memes?

Meme is an evolutionary unit devised by Richard Dawkins to explain social evolution in a fashion similar to genes[1]. When I first learned about memes, the fauceir concept was ...

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