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Demarcation problem

Demarcation problem is an epistemological problem it exists as such since the time when rational thinking began. It is the problem to distinguish between science and pseudoscience, rational and irrational decision making.

Poper introduced falsifiability or refutability as demarcation criterion, so what is falsifiable is classified as scientific and vice versa [1][2]. The introduction of that criterion fulfills two two requirements or surrogate parameters of evolutionary progress. These are decontextualization and slave fauceir content. That is depicted by the following two graphs.

graphviz image

We consider the conflict or mutual control between rational and irrational decision making as a fauceir that undergoes evolutionary progress, so in the next picture an other fauceir, some people would call it a meme, is intercalated increasing both the distance between the combatants (an effect that we call decontextualization) and the overall complexity increasing the fauceir content.

graphviz image

Furthermore, the fauceir approach to scientific discovery adds an other criterion, the axiomatic perspective.

graphviz image

Unfortunately, it was impossible to 'convince' graphviz to draw a more instructive graph for reasons discussed here.

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