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progress is creativity.        

Evolution Definition

Evolution is an automatic process in nature that improves adaptability and concomitantly leads to increasing complexity.

This definition significantly differs from the one presently used in evolutionary biology, which is almost identical to adaptation. As a matter of fact, genetic adaptation is called evolution throughout the most part of literature on evolution. Fauceir theory makes a sharp distinction between evolution and adaptation. Evolution involves progress, while adaptation is generally reversible within the limits of imprecision.

While developing fauceir theory, I mused whether it is useful to create a new term for a process that results in advancements, but I decided otherwise. For two reasons.

  1. The common usage of evolution in science, technology, society, and almost everywhere else in our universe signifies progress or improvement.
  2. The pioneers of evolutionary theory (Spencer[1], Wallace[2], Darwin[3], and Haeckel[4]) were well aware that evolution is progress as living creatures evolved from the most primitive unicellular organisms to socializing primates.

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