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Abstraction is method and result of a cognitive action that results in a new entity with a reduced number of properties to describe a real existing object. An abstraction itself ...

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Categories: Epistemology Philosophy

Abstraction Proviso

Abstraction Proviso means that theoretical predictions are true only for abstractions and not for specific situations. That stipulation follows from the rule of abstraction.

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Categories: Epistemology

Abstraction Rule

Synonyms: Rule of Abstraction

The Abstraction Rule states that the more a theory is abstract the more general and lasting its implications, but on the other hand, the less precise its predictions to a ...

Tags: Rules Theory

Categories: Epistemology


Synonyms: Postulate

Axiomas is the set of basic proposition crucial to a theory. There is no theory without axioms even if not explicitly stated and taken for granted. The rules of a ...

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Categories: Epistemology

Contrasting abstraction and generalization

Synonyms: Abstraction vs. Generalization

Abstraction and generalization are two epistemological fauceirs that interpret an object in a more general framework. While abstraction reduces the number of properties, generalization adds new properties. Abstraction is introduced ...

Tags: Linguistic

Categories: Epistemology Psychology

Deductive reasoning

Synonyms: Deduction

Deductive reasoning is arriving at a specific statement by logical conclusions from a more general statement. If the logic is not fallacious the conclusion is necessarily always true. The problem ...

Tags: Learning System Theory

Categories: Epistemology Philosophy

Demarcation problem

Demarcation problem is an epistemological problem it exists as such since the time when rational thinking began. It is the problem to distinguish between science and pseudoscience, rational and irrational ...

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A filter is a subclass of a model that intentionally and not accidentally, blinds out some aspects of the reality. Filters are models designed to reduce complexity and to make ...

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Generalization is method and result of a cognitive process that creates an epistemological fauceir that succinctly describes all possible states of a set of entities. Examples Often generalizations are used ...

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Categories: Epistemology Philosophy

Inductive reasoning

Synonyms: Induction

Inductive reasoning is drawing conclusions from a limited number of examples or experiences. Inductive reasoning is related to
  • generalization, the development o rules based on observations, and
  • analogy, expecting the ...

Tags: Ideology

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Synonyms: Scientific Model

A model is a representation of the objectively existing reality. By that token, a model is not the reality itself but only a mirror image. That definition of a model ...

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Categories: Epistemology Philosophy

Philosophical reductionism and fauceir theory

The genus–differentia definition offered by many dictionaries characterizes reductionism as a philosophical position that asserts that complex structures and functions can simply be described by the properties and laws ...

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Categories: Epistemology Philosophy

Surrogate parameter

Synonyms: Proxy parameter

The term surrogate parameter is common in medical literature while proxy parameter or simply proxy is often used in social science. Both terms mean virtually the same. An easily measurable ...

Tags: Theory

Categories: Epistemology Philosophy


Synonyms: Scientific theory

A scientific theory is a specific subset of a scientific model. A theory consist of a framework of causally interrelated rational claims that can be described by secondary models, mathematically ...

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Categories: Epistemology Philosophy

Uncertainty Proviso

Uncertainty Proviso is a restriction that has to be made to every theory or rule. Every prediction whether in physics, chemistry biology, psychiatry, or sociology involves a certain degree of ...

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