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Synonyms: Voluntarism

**[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchism|Anarchism]]** is a philosophical view and political movement that denies authority and government. The state as any hierarchical structure is opposed, and a society where people voluntarily cooperate is favored …

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Friedrich August von Hayek

**Friedrich August von Hayek** (1899-1992) is an Austrian economist. <> His contribution to fauceir theory is twofold. # He wholeheartedly supported liberalism and by developing arguments he discovered that …

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Liberty Rule of Evolution

Admittedly, to call this **Liberty Rule** is kind of anthropocentristic, so the name is chosen for rather historical reasons and for didactic purposes. During revolutions the call for freedom was …

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In genetics, ** mutability** describes the tendency to undergo genetic mutations. Even in biology the term can be applied to different units of organization, with a single nucleotide being the …

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Story Of Enslavement

**The Story of Your Enslavement** is the title of an YouTube video. <> published by http://www.freedomainradio.com. On this page, I'm going to discuss the issues raised by this …

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