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Analogy Phenomenon

In classical evolutionary theory analogous organs serve the same function but arose from a different evolutionary origin. In Fauceir Theory analogous fauceirs are defined accordingly. == Rational == For evolution …

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Homology Phenomenon

== Etymology== The term homology in evolutionary theory derives from the detection of homologous organs. Such organs in closely related species (taxa) share a common ancestor and therefore posses a …

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Romeo And Juliet Conflict

Synonyms: Romeo And Juliet Phenomenon

The famous play //**[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romeo_and_Juliet|Romeo and Juliet]]**// written William Shakespeare serves as a typical example of social fauceir conflict on this page. The root of this conflict is the collision of …

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Spinster Phenomenon

**Spinster phenomenon** is a behavior pattern among females that live in social compounds. When males are absent females take over the social roles of males. == Rational == Such a …

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