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Anatomy of war

War is a fauceir that evolves temporarily to accomplish feedback among social fauceirs. It shows the typical of fauceirs nested structure. It is sub-fauceir of all connections between the opponents, …

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Physical attractiveness

Synonyms: good looks

**[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_attractiveness|Physical attractiveness]]** is the sum of all features that make an individual a desirable object to mate with. Thus attractiveness is not limited to humans as in the wiki page …

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Categories: Evolutionary Biology

Comment on Rampages

This is actually a comment on three posts at the [[http://socialevolutionforum.com/2012/12/16/canaries-in-a-coal-mine-ii-we-too-are-asking-why/| Social Evolution Forum]] on rampages interpreted as early signs of social unrest. **Firstly**, By demonstrating a tenfold increase in …

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Synonyms: Accumulation of Knowledge, Development of understanding

**Epistemology** is a branch of philosophy that studies how knowledge is accumulated. The accumulation of knowledge is explained as a fauceir evolution process, what a surprise :-). Fist we consider …

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Demographic control

Synonyms: Demographic regulation

Demographic control is a fauceir that evolved with the advent of societies. It is a byproduct of social evolution. One of many social fauciers that are essential for society's persistence. …

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A filter is a subclass of a model that intentionally and not accidentally, blinds out some aspects of the reality. Filters are [[../Model|models]] designed to reduce complexity and to make …

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Synonyms: Rule of Imprecision

> Every interaction among fauceirs entails unwanted side effects. <
> == Conclusions Imprecision is involved in all control processes. Every information exchange involves unintended side effects, collateral damage. It …

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Synonyms: Scientific Model

A model is a representation of the objectively existing reality. By that token, a model is not the reality itself but only a mirror image. That definition of a model …

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Philosophical reductionism and fauceir theory

The [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genus%E2%80%93differentia_definition|genus–differentia definition]] offered by many dictionaries characterizes reductionism as a philosophical position that asserts that complex structures and functions can simply be described by the properties and laws of …

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Synonyms: Scientific theory

A scientific theory is a specific subset of a scientific model. A theory consist of a framework of causally interrelated rational claims that can be described by [[../Model|secondary models]], mathematically …

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