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Delegation Rule

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Rational Proof

  1. By definition a fauceir is but a set of element fauceirs.
  2. If a fauceir wants to defeat an other fauceir it cannot but employ its elements to fulfill the task.


From this rule and the Visibility Rule follows that only such element fauceirs can fight each other that posses mutual visibility.


This rule seems quite obvious but there are many instances when discussions lead into a philosophical cul-de-sac simply by not observing this rule. Examples will be listed that are blatantly obvious and more hidden. Please that the differences in visibility sometime only depend upon the observer's Denkhemmung.

  • In physics, elementary particles can attack each other only by their magnetic or electric fields.
  • Chemical compounds can compete for other compounds by forming radicals which attract or expel.
  • Biological individual use their body parts to fight each other.
  • Ecologically populations fight each other by the competition for resources. The interesting point at this level is that the Visibility Rule comes into play. In some species the competition is exclusively by fighting for resources as they see each other only by the help of the exploitation of these resources. Some other species however evolved special tools that make them visible to competitors. The penicillin that is excreted by fungi to kill bacteria is the best known example. Primates evolved more elaborate tools to fight competitors at the population level.
  • Societies can attack each other only by setting people on each other. Modern societies for that purpose evolved special sub societies, element fauceirs that are specialized on attacking other.

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