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Synonyms: Human Wealth

Wealth is a property of social fauceirs describing the amount of usable resources.

People, families, companies, a group shareholders, nations, and even the whole human population can be wealthy.

Wealth is a property

From fauceir perspective Wealth is the sum of all slave fauceirs that are controlled and can be used under certain circumstances as resources, so not all slave fauceirs contribute to wealth. Garbage is not unless it can be recycled. Wealth is equivalent to a certain amount of money only if, some other social fauceir exists willing to exchange money for a set of slave fauceirs.

Wealth is not static. It is subject to change. It may grow or shrink and it can change its composition.

Wealth is a fauceir

Certainly, wealth is a fauceir itself, as it may control other fauceirs.


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