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Adding Creole Macros

I use Creole as Markup language. Although the documentation revealed a considerable flexibility, I was unable to google reliable example until today.

Macros in Creole

Simple Creole Macros

Today I found this macro documentation page. The quote macro is easily implemented, and the spreadsheet will be implemented here on this page for the first time.

This is a test quotation

[Error: Wrong macro arguments: "0Aj40hrYQDRwzdDNJVi1xcnlJenNpSHpPLXJuVzBFdHc" for macro 'spreadsheet' (maybe wrong macro tag syntax?)]

Complex Creole Macros

A nice collection of Creole macros can be found here.

The dialect initializing the macros is given by this code macro.

[Error: Macro 'code' error: code() got an unexpected keyword argument 'lang']

And the code that transforms the table of content tag.

[Error: Macro 'code' error: code() got an unexpected keyword argument 'lang']

The table of content macro needs some additional files to be installed. The file toc.py is downloadable from that website too.



The following tasks remain to become implemented:

  • Inclusion of sub pages in order to structure this website as a real living fauceir.
  • Implementing a reference database and to include those reference in a wiki style

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