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Inductive reasoning

Synonyms: Induction

Inductive reasoning is drawing conclusions from a limited number of examples or experiences. Inductive reasoning is related to

  • generalization, the development o rules based on observations, and
  • analogy, expecting the same outcome in similar events.

The philosophical concept of induction was developed by David Hume.

Fauceir Theory heavily relies on inductive reasoning. It is by induction that we may develop predictions about the unknown. The conclusions which we arrive at by induction are not necessarily true. They are rather like hypotheses that have to be proved practically.

As rules which are created by induction indisputably are fauceirs themselves, the use to behave as such. For instance, they strive for persistence, so by their elements they tend to ignore evidence that disprove the rule. They may recruit supporters and evolve into ideology that governs thinking and perception of supporters.

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