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Term System

As Fauceir is the term that covers system and information we may define system by a genus–differentia definition: System is a fauceir in which system properties significantly dominate so that all information properties can be neglected. Sounds a bit like a recursive definition, doesn't it.

Why do we need the term system at all when already fauceir covers the whole thing? We use the term system especially when we refer to a fauceirs internal structure and function. As there is no such thing as a system without external interaction, there is also no fauceir that is exclusively a system. Sometimes however it is useful to disregard a faucer's external interactions for didactic purposes.

Examples are social fauceirs which can be considered as social systems, groups of individuals that maintain a social relationship, as this relationship is mainly internally the term system may seem appropriate. social groups may exist that are more information than system a group of demonstrators for instance. UN peacekeeping forces are an other example.

Warning: The term social system is sometimes also used for a body of laws and institutions that have to insure social security and social justice. It is clear from the context which meaning is used.

The varying relative importance of system and information in a fauceir is depicted by the following graph.

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