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Spinster Phenomenon

Spinster phenomenon is a behavior pattern among females that live in social compounds. When males are absent females take over the social roles of males.


Such a behavioral pattern as the spinster phenomenon evolved because it made evolutionary sense to maintain a group's social stability by a female that slips into the social role of a male. The converse is not of the same evolutionary importance as the female role makes no sense as long as there is no possibility to propagate. The only female function that can be seen readily adapted by pure male societies is giving sexual relief, which is by homosexuality observed in prison and military conditions[Error: Wrong macro arguments: "6747" for macro 'ref' (maybe wrong macro tag syntax?)] .


  1. In a poultry farm, if there is no rooster, one hen adapts the rooster role. It even may try to copulate.
  2. In human society after the male population was significantly reduced after two wars (WW1+2) in the 20th century feminism evolved. The human spinster phenomenon is a vivid example how biologically determined behavior patterns can become ideology when a pseudo-rational explanation is developed.
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